By M.A. Egge

Both our religious tenets and cultural customary norms direct us to uphold the basic of human rights.

This sentiment was expressed and underscored by the Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Mareehaan) who pledged that the ministry will do its best to promote the curtail vices and misdemeanors during the observance of World Human Rights Day.

Hon. Ali Mareehaan decried the tendency of abandoning children whether orphans or not. He said the act was both inhumane as it was shocking and disgusting hence grossly undermined the basic human rights, especially of children.

He emphasized the fact that Islamic tenets and also the traditional cultural norm of the country abhorred such tendencies.

He appealed to the human rights organizations and the clergy to liaise with the poets through national guidance to disseminate pastoral teachings that would promote morality and help contain such vices and abhorrent indulgences.

The minister praised the human rights activists who have highlighted the matter hence noted that it was imperative that such barbaric acts may be nipped in the bud.