By. Prof. Abdisalam Yassin Mohamed.

The British people are known for their politeness. Therefore, we (i.e. my humble soul and my fellow citizen Somaliland) would like to politely tell them, in their language, to go home and stay home.

All of a sudden, the British government has made an announcement advising its citizens to leave Somaliland since it is no longer safe for them to stay there. This is the first time this advice to British citizens to immediately leave Somaliland is given by the British government. Therefore, the British authorities must have obtained undeniable intelligence that a highly dangerous terrorist plot is imminent to happen.

The terrorist plot happened a day later after the British government made the announcement. But it did not happen anywhere in Somaliland. It happened in Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu and right in front of the Prime Minister’s office. We condemn any kind of terrorism any where in the world. And we also understand the early warning systems developed by Western governments to forewarn against terrorist acts before they happen and destroy precious life and property.

However, since they do employ huge resources, both in the form of manpower and money, their early warning systems must be foolproof and must not undermine the abilities, the integrity, and the reputation of other nations.

It seems to me that Western nations, such as Britain, the US, and France, will always use the proverbial “double standards” when it comes to events, particularly terrorist events, that happen around the world. If a terrorist event happens, for example, in Britain, the US, or France, these countries do not raise alarm bells telling anyone to leave either London, New York, or Paris, let alone their entire countries. However, on the basis of an intelligence report, whether accurate or inaccurate, they tell their citizen to leave the so-called developing countries and stay away from them until further notice.

This Western policy does not only express “double standards”, it also expresses arrogance and disdain for anything or anyone not Western. The suspicion and disrespect burgeons if the person or the country is non-Western and Muslim, too. Indeed, it becomes an inherent fear of the “other”, who looks different and behaves different.

The other, who not so long ago was a slave or a colonial subject perceived simply either as a nigger, a darkie, or a savage whose burden has fallen upon the West to civilize him. In spite of the abolition of slavery, colonialism, and the declarations of freedom and universal human rights, the West’s political and economic domination, cultural supremacy, and hidden racism linger on. Hence, they use either their excessive fighting power or effective systems of retreat as the condition warrants.

Coming back to the British terrorist alert against Somaliland, I would like to put few questions to the British government. Of course, I do not anticipate the mighty British government to respond to the questions of my humble soul, but it is important to ask them if only for the record.

Your predicted terrorist act happened in Somalia and not in Somaliland, can you tell us how you mixed up the two? Has Britain forgotten that Somaliland as a country that shows its identity by insisting to maintain the English word “land’ as part of its name, keeping alive its separateness as a country (i.e. the former British Somaliland Protectorate), is different from Somalia (i.e. the former UN Trusteeship)? Does Britain wish to revive the failed union that took place between the two in 1960? Is Britain paving the way for the revival of “Greater Somalia” that its late Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, crafted in 1945? Is Britain a friend or a foe of Somaliland? And lastly, fear or no fear, what exactly does Britain want from Somaliland?





  1. Politely and to the point. Well said Professor A.Y. Mohamed. Even if they did not answer, you have perfectly said what you want.

  2. Simply brilliant!

    Professor A. Mohamed is a true son of Somalind. He is one of the founding fathers of SNM and was also one of a few PhD holders who took part in the now legendary war, "Dagaalkii Buuraha (The War in the Mountains)".

  3. Man, you're a true slave. Does it really hurt that much? I read some comments on this site were Kayse said you are the orphans of meet buyers. Reading this article, you're proovving it right

    • daroods are just jealose because the only major somali clans are issaq and hawiye. kkkkkkkkkkk

      it is only hargaisa and mogadisho, no one knows where burger land is. No wonder darood women are all moving to Kingston to be with those big strong Jamaicans

  4. what I am saying is that Shabaab has originated from Somaliland and the first three top leaders are from Somaliland. The terrorist who kill himself in front of the prime ministers Office was Somalilander. do not forget these points Mr. Professor

    • Yep it’s what they called selective memory !
      The Peace of Sland dépends on the Blood
      of Southerners ! To all the Somalilander willing
      To think and analyse i have a question :
      How CAN you explain that all the major country
      In the région suffered from al Shabaab and not
      Somaliland ?! If you can gives me a good explaination i Will apologize to all the isaaq habashi !

    • obviousness is great ayanle

      The only somali region that has not been effected my war and destruction is puntland and garowe. As i have said again and again, your people are the ones causing this hell for the southerners. As reer jabouti say " meel aan darood joogin nabad ba joogta". Why arent darood cities the only somali cities that havent seen destruction.

    • In fact you lack a lot information and your totally ignorant about Al Shabab first of all they are not tribal these are an International terrorists every national are included in call it Americans British, Kenyans,Ugandans,Yemenis. every sheets of these world are in it. by patronising Somaliland that is your secret agenda known to you personally Shame on You.

    • In 1993 When Al-Itihaad began it's operations in Bossasso and Gaalkaciyo Hassan Dahir Cewys was Commander in chief and at the time Sheik Atom used to be head of the arms procurement while Fuad Shangole was head of finance.

      Between 1993 – 2006 There were no significant Somalilander presence in the Islamic courts.

      What promoted Islamic fighters from across the horn of Africa to fight in Muuqdishu was the Ethiopian presence in an Islamic country. The main reason why Foreign fighters were given multiple wives and highest ranks is partly a tactic of Southern Somali-militants to entice more warriors into their ranks.

      Ina Godane was a never seen "Leader" and the main reason for conjuring up a character like him is to entice Northern Somali youngsters into their ranks.

      If Saaqid Shirtduun is Assassinated the only people who benefit are the Majeerteen of Puntland-Province who are after the seat of Prime-Minster.

      Somaliland has invested into the peace and stability of Somalia and attended the 2012 London conference with subsequent meetings between the 2-states governments in the UK and after in Dubai. Somaliland needs a stable Somalia with a government that it can continue it's internationally funded 2-state dialogue.

      If Saaqid Shirtduun or Hassan Mahamoud are harmed Somaliland will have to wait longer before a stable government can continue to dialogue process.

      Somaliland cannot afford to see Somalia's Government fail or be harmed however the province of puntland wants nothing less then to see another war in Muuqdishu. They either want 50% of the properties in Muuqdishu including all the market, premium business roads, fertile lands along the Juba and shabelle rivers… Majeerteen believe they have a right to own 50% of Somalia…

  5. why do reer Issaq love british people more than their fellow somalis? I long rejected the British way of life and no more am I a british citizen because I ripped me british passport into half and throw it at the faces of white trash so I live among my people rather then a white trash who doesn't wash his ass after he poop. Those who are flying the union jack are from one clan and somalia knows who this clan is. If you want to worship a white trash colonial village do it in within your tribal areas (Hargeisa, burco iyo to berbera).

    • lol Pirate boy at least there is no UK camp in Somaliland like Djibouti french camp where French in the city are everywhere and marry with Issa girl lol

      • How does it makes sense ? Djibouti is in puntland
        now ? Loool hornid ! Anyway i bet my own balls
        that Issaq habashi Will do anything to have a
        british military base ! So behave you jealous woman !

      • daroods are just jealose because the only major somali clans are issaq and hawiye. kkkkkkkkkkk

        it is only hargaisa and mogadisho, no one knows where burger land is. No wonder darood women are all moving to Kingston to be with those big strong Jamaicans

        • Seems like you experienced the strong Jamaicans. No wonder how you expressed with passion the strong part lol

    • waryaa puntland boy tell reer garaabo that the; (1) secessionist idea dead and gone ( 2) khat or jaad will be next and i can assure you that there will no more murqaan in morgan house
      horta why do they call it morgan house since it was morgan who order the planes for the duqaynta
      saaxiib im tired of this trash talk 18 may bs
      do you know last year it was the lowest growd for 18 may marfish gathering in the last 20 odd year in London

  6. Folks, how are you fellows…so far so good. What progresses have been reached between the
    seperate political affairs being arbitrated by the IC actors and the UN/UNSEC???
    What is really going on between DR Silaanyo and HSM tug of war politics?
    I mean, the talks between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio bcos nothing else is irrelevant and immaterial
    as far as Somaliland and Somalia talks are concerned???

  7. I would not be offended if Britain warns their citizen of a possible danger as per an obligation puts their foreign office to do so. Adamant of even a false alarm would have been a decline of public confidence in their office. To see from my perspective, it is defamation of Somaliland’s status.

  8. So sad to hear a grown Man Crying after
    the british like an abandoned woman !
    Puntland geezer is so Right britain broke their
    heart loooool

  9. Puntland geezer,

    I am presuming you either did not read the article or you read it. but didn't comprehend.. Mr YASSIN, showed no sign of begging the British, but politely told them to "go home and stay home". He also touched on the West's double standards, and their steriotypes.

    However, the last paragraph was a bit tasteless, but even then, he was merely asking not begging, on the West's position on Somaliland, although that really was not necessary, as the British and Americans have announced their standing on Somaliland in the world media.

    • Kacaan Oil deals while they attempted MASS exterminations across the HORN.

      January 31, 1986: CHEVRON

      July 8 , 1986: CONOCO

      May 5, 1987: AMOCO

      October 19, 1988: CONOCO

      November 29, 1989: PHILLIPS

      September 6, 1989: PARKER iyo CONOCO

      August 30, 1990 : MOBIL iyo SHELL

      The Somali-Republic was auctioned in Muuqdishu and those who were raised with the millions of $dollars awarded to a select few wish to sing songs of somalinimo today 🙂

  10. Folks…watch it out, Somaliland is upfront for the long awaited recognition. Now is the time
    for the highway democracy rewards rather than the low backwardness and keeping Somaliland hostage to the most troubled Somalia under the foreign occupation and at war with her Alshabab freedom fighters. Be rest assured that DR Silaanyo and his team delegation must be enjoying an
    easy go rides in London much to the sad and bitter disappointments to all Somaliland quest haters.

  11. As a muslim person, wallahi i can say that Mr BUUXIYE is not Darood what-so-ever, because I've read several comments from him bashing all Darood tribes, Harti been the worst, calling puntland a province while calling somaliland mighty country, which both regions are equal in the eyes of the international communities and they officially know them as autonomous regions of Somalia federal republic.
    just look whats happenening in jubba regions right now, marehan/ogaden/harti and rest of absame are taking their land back from al-qaida backed long beaded monsters who dont have any morals at all. so mr buuxiye lets get one thing right, majority of darood and hawiye dhalinyarooyins were not active on this issue of qabiil-nimo bs, but only isaaks were. to be i can read between your lines so get real and smell the fresh air, harti is the reason why secessionist idea not working, harti is the reason why abgaal got the top job in the meantime, eventually they know , remember garoowe 1, 2. and wallaahi im not mj and its majiidheen (mj) that run thing when it comes to somali geo-politics simple as.

    • You think it bothers me if Majareers are politically superior to the rest of the Somalis?

      – Who Assassinated Cabdirashiid Cali Sharmaarke? 1969 – Ali Salebaan [MJ]
      – Who were the weakest links in the 1977 Ethiopian WAR… The MJ Generals.
      – Who Attempted to overthrow government during a war 1978 … It was the MJ
      – Who were the only rebel groups financed and armed by Libya — MJ
      – Who massacred the Marehan clan, in Cel-Habred in the Galgadud region in the early 1980s… MJ

      Who destroyed the Dream of Somaliweyn?

      Those who wanted to always remain the President and forgot that there were 3-regions still missing.

      I will admit MARJO-DHAREERS are my favorite politicians and i do not think Isaaqs or Hawiye will ever reach their level of unadulterated demonic deviousness.

      🙂 d-block is that Digir-Block?

      • Characterise all the outcomes of the newly recognised western backed government in Mugadisho and the
        regional administration in Hargeisa talks between them in London may this year. And remember somaliland and foolxumo president of puntland's latest tantrums at siilanyo's adminstration.

        • Dude

          1. Recognition
          2. $billions in Aid
          3. Reconstructed Muuqdishu
          4. Lifted Arms Embargo
          5. All projected being hijacked for only Muuqdishu

          It looks like the international community is happier to have another Dictatorship because Democracy is a concept somalis have failed to understand for 22-year of intervention and 30years prior to that.

          At least over the next 10 years the ones who will loose the most are the 1.5million idps that will soon be evicted out of the shanty towns to accommodate a NEW global image. It is among those that Shabab will seek to recruit suiciders.

          More then anything i am looking for Puntland's strategy to regain lost relevance!!!

          – In my humble view the greatest strategy lies with a compromised-agreement with Somaliland-Republic in the short term. Sharif played the IRIR card… it is time to play the Bani-Hashim card as Darood and Isaaq were relatives.

  12. @ The Professor,

    The Brits left Somalia half a century ago in case you were in a coma Professor. It is unfortunate that as an educated man, you would waste your time and energy on dividing Somali people into tribal enclaves. Do you teach in a real university or is your title one of those useless ranks that are peculiar to the Somali intellectuals?