The Mayor of Burao Cllr. Abdirizak Ibrahim Abdi, aka “Hero” announced that he would respond in a positive and responsible manner to the concerns of his fellow Burao councilors.

He also praised the communal solidarity prevailing amongst Burao residents who he termed as a society united for the development of their city.

Cllr. Abdirizak speaking at the handover ceremony for the two Police divisional commanders at Togdheer Region, Colonel Ahmed Gutale, and the former Commander, Colonel Mohamed Nur, were he praised the good teamwork they shared with the former Chief of Police, Mohamed Nur Farah, and wished him success.

He also welcomed the new Commander Ahmed Gutale, whom he said is not new to Togdeer region, but, has worked different in periods for the past.

The Mayor of Burao, Cllr. Abdirizak, requested the new Burao Police Commander to relocate Burao Municipality, the police post, and praised the co-operation between the Togdheer Regional Administration and the Police Force.

Burao Mayor, Cllr. Abdirizak congratulated the people of Burao, calling on them to welcome the new Togdheer Regional Police Commander and to work closely with the various branches of government and the police, he said.

“People have shown that they own Burao, and not need to look at each other, but collectively work for development of the city.”

Mayor Cllr. Abdikadir declared that they are ready to listen to the advice of those who talk about the development of the city, but negated those created unnecessary talk and blind accusations.


“There is no animosity between the Burao City Councilors at the moment. We swore to work honestly to the people of Burao, and that the concerns of the councilors will be resolved within the council”, said the mayor, hence added “We are responding positively and responsibly to the concerns of Burao councilors, our fellow brothers.”