Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland carried out high level conference on Oct 10-11 at Grand Hadi Hotel in Hargeisa which well-regarded delegates from 24 countries, Ministers, diplomats, politicians, MPs, officials from Somaliland Government, representatives from the national councils, leaders of the political parties, scholars, civil society organizations, the local business community, INGOs and other parties participated. The conference which was the first of its kind in Somaliland and themed “themed “Somaliland Achievements and the Challenges ahead 27 years later.” The main purpose of the conference included to assess the results achieved over the past two decades and the challenges ahead, for instance to elaborate Somaliland political achievements for holding six successive peaceful and credible elections as to address the challenges, to create unified discussion platform which will enable presenting different aspects, covering present obstacles, discussing the results and prospect of recognition of the independence of the Republic of Somaliland as well as informing the international community for the Somaliland success story and its hindrances.

Organized by Somaliland Diaspora Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, an exhibition titled “Somaliland Achievements in Exhibition” was also separately held in parallel with the conference in the same venue, Grand Hadi. As per the conference objectives, realizing the private sector has tremendously contributed to the steady progress, and the country’s success in the economic growth, the labor industry, and in different development areas, it was done to exhibit and showcase Somaliland’s achievements in the private sector, industrial production, agriculture, banking, and telecommunication, and at the same time, and the numerous natural resources Somaliland is bestowed with including minerals, fishery, and livestock resources, culture, and tourism.  It was not intended as business fair, but for demonstrating Somaliland’s achievements in support of the conference. Somaliland Government officials, the foreign delegates who attended the conference and other people visited and admired the event.

Over 100 businesses in various production and service sectors participated in, and significantly showcased their products, and/or services in the event, most of them based in Hargeisa, and some of them from Borama, also many of them with presence in the other regions. The displayed locally produced or fabricated goods not limited but included products of different factors such as powder drinks, detergents, and soaps, shoes, sesame and sunflower oil, napkins, marbles, fish and varied sea food items, salt, argon oil,  frankincense gums and resins, animal hides, local food cereals, varied fruits and vegetables, fresh camel milk, bottled water and drinks, sweets and biscuits, home-made female makeups, and house scenting items, locally designed and fabricated home furniture, locally designed and tailored cloths, and locally made home decorations, beautiful arts, varied types of valuable gemstones, and minerals mined from Somaliland regions, varied objects with cultural resonance, historical items, and traditional artistic items particularly displayed SARYAN Museum, and Qaali Ismail.  At the same time, there exhibited largely the services of different banks including Premium Bank, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, transport and logistics, tour operators, tour and travel firms, energy goods, architect and construction services, health and fitness services,  fire fighting services and related equipments, other goods and services as well.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Dr. Saad Ali Shire who cut the ribbon and spoke at the opening of the exhibition; accompanied with the Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. Abdi Abdullahi Hersi (Dayaxweerar) walked through the exhibition and in more than hour’s time observed all the exhibited goods, and had conversation to the most of the participants about their products or services. The Minister, who was particularly watching those products of Somaliland origin, suggested many businesses to brand their products “First brand your product with your name, and the origin country, print made in Somaliland,” said the Minister. “We need to showcase products and goods we produced and of Somaliland origin, and not imported goods here.” Both the Minister and SLDA Chairman encouraged the local production, and industrialization, and thanked the esteemed business community for their participation in the conference, and displaying Somaliland achievements on their parts. Some of the exhibitors told the Minister the challenges they are facing in the process of improving their production of goods, and the lack of business support, and investment opportunities for valuable initiatives they embarked on.

Despite of that it was limited time to organize the exhibition, and the event duration was too short as well, and besides the objectives we had in showcasing our achievements for the 27 years Somaliland reasserted sovereignty from Somalia; yet it was also important opportunity for the business community to come together, interact and put on show their businesses. The SLNTV, and other private media institutions also played key roles in the platform, and so that most of the exhibitors had opportunity for media exposure to present their businesses to the public. It seemed that the business community has more interest in having such events, and open exhibition more often for business opportunity.

In conclusion, we are so grateful to all the respected business community groups, companies, and all the members who participated in the “Somaliland Achievements in Exhibition 27 years later” whom we are appreciative to their roles, and loyalty for their country, Republic of Somaliland.

 The participants were not limited to but included the following:

Zamzam Foster, Ilo Taango,  Sovolco for Sunflower Oil,  Shaam Factory for Marbles, Tayo Detergent, Tayo Plastic Factory Ileys Enterprise, Nuuriye for Napkins, Sugan Corporation for Local-made shoes, clothes, & plants, AL Khayraad Factory for mattresses, Raasamaal tiles, Mandar for Sesame Oil, Idil for Sesame Oil, AL-Manal Furniture Home Decorations, AL Manar,  National Furniture Workshop, Badar Mining, Siimoodi Mining, AL Nujuum Mining, Hana Mining, Somaliland Mining, Green Mining, Hal-door Mining, Tawfiiq Mining, Mahiigaan Mining, Tacab Wadaag Mining, Mama Mining, Saba Mining, Haldoor Gemstone, Hirad Minerals, and Baki Mineral Resources, and the Ministry of Energy & Minerals, Magan Food, Ramad Camel Milk, Galool Camel Milk, Halwo Palace, Hadliye Farm, Amarre Organic Farm, Barwaqp Farmers, Bulaale Farmers, Ceel Bardaale Farmers, Baki Agricultural Resources, Qabribahar Farmers Cooperative, Hiigsi Agriculture Service, Wadajir Gums Trader, Asli Mills, Pure Living Company, Luuto Poultry Farm, Deegaan Enterprise, Warsan Company, Khadrina Style, SSF. Naciima Designs, A Interiors, Golden Rose, Ammaan System, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Horn Travel Agency, Baasha Travel Agency, Kaafi Travels, Sahal Transport & Logistics, Somaliland Tours, Premium Bank, Dahabshiil, Somtel, Telesom, Somcable,SO!,  Daarasalaam Bank,  Takaaful Insurance, Horn of Africa Insurance, Hass Petroleum, Rayxaan fragrance & air freshness, Uban Inspire & Fitness Center, AL Baraka Construction Company, Rio Architects, Somaliland Fire Safety, SARYAN Museum iyo Qaali Ismaaciil, Hass Petroleum, Red Sea Petroleum, Somsite, Ihsan Consulting & Auditing Firm, Dheeman Printing, Sagaljet Printing, Astaan Cable TV, Hego Dental Clinic, Palm Pharmacy & Clinic, National Cement, SHURAAKO, other businesses, organizations, institutions, and persons as well.


SOURCE:  Somaliland Diaspora Agency

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

Tell: 520485 (Office line),

Friday, Oct 12th, 2018