The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Somaliland passed the 2019 government Tuesday.

After a brief discussion of the different components of the budget and areas it targets, President Musa Bihi Abdi, chairing the meeting put it to vote. Twenty-eight ministers approved it as presented, 2 abstained and none moved against it.

According to a presidency press statement posted on the official Facebook page of the State House, the 2019 budget will exceed that of 2018 only 8%. Total figure forecast is Somaliland Shillings 2,334,320,463, 251 (two trillion, three hundred and thirty-four billion, three hundred and twenty thousand, two hundred and fifty-one Somaliland Shillings), equivalent to US$353 684 928.

According to the statement, the projected budget will focus on security issues, strengthen judicial excellence, education, health, livestock. husbandry, fishery, energy and mineral resources, environment and the upgrade of human resources (government personnel).

The quest for recognition will command considerable attention in 2019, the statement underlined.

Out of the total budget, the Central government carves out SoShs 1,823,975,720,000 for itself. Looking at the 2018 budget, the central government was allocated 1,687,000,000,000 Somaliland Shillings ( One trillion, six hundred eighty-seven billion SlShs) – which does not show much of an increase.

The Ministry says different.

The actual, market value might even be less for 2019 considering the state of a market presently troubled by spiralling rates, runaway inflation, higher living costs, dwindled livestock exports, and the like.