By Jama Feyte

The Chairman of the National Party “WADDANI”, currently in Burco City, Togdheer region attended a well-organized event where the Aden Madobe community joined the party ranks on Thursday.

During the meetings, Senate & Regional leaders spoke about the need to support the change in Somaliland.

The Chairman of the National Party “WADDANI” political organization, Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan welcomed members of the Aden Madobe community into the ranks of the opposition party.

Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan further thanked the Aden Madobe community for their contributions to the development of Somaliland as a whole, and efforts in supporting a peaceful change in Somaliland.


On the other hand, the chairman of the WADDANI party, Mr. Hirsi Ali X Hassan, and other officials of the WADDANI party held a large meeting in the city of Buro with elders, elders, young scholars, and women from the Togdheer Sool and Sahil regions of the community of Mohamed Yonis, of Habar Jeclo Clan.

He added, “The intellectuals of the community have indicated that they are playing a major role in the change efforts of the WADDANI party, and their voices and their strength are aligned with the leadership of the party so that there will be a change in leadership in the country and the party will win the upcoming elections.

The leaders of the WADDANI party welcomed the leaders and members of the community and thanked them for their support. He pledged that they would take a big responsibility in dealing with the community’s grievances and support development in their areas.