Press Release

Surely, it is time that the International Community would accept the statehood and nationhood legitimacy of Somaliland, and, at the same time, the world would humanely look at constant interference and conspiracies of Somalia against the Somaliland Republic. The latest aggression of Somalia against Somaliland include:
• Military aggression that Somalia carried out against Somaliland across the border that
Somaliland has with Puntland Administration of Somalia
• Blocking international humanitarian assistance
• Economic war for attempting to block Berbera Port investment
• Taking in charge of Somaliland Air Space without permission
• Breaking almost all the agreements and decisions reached in previous
Somaliland/Somalia bilateral talks
• Embarking on diplomatic war to undermine Somaliland relations with the international
• Waging political war to undermine the unity of Somaliland people Somaliland explained to the international community the injustices, atrocities and human rights abuses that its people suffered from the hands of Somalia in the years 1960-1990.
Somaliland nation declares the historical legitimacy and legality of Somaliland for statehood as well as the majority for the conditions of statehood fulfilling the criteria of statehood set by the 1933 Montevideo Convention.

The Somaliland people unequivocally forward to the international Community the important role that Somaliland plays in global affairs as shown below:

• For being located in the strategic region of the world, Somaliland plays an important security role by fighting terrorists and piracy to keep global navigation routes safe
• Somaliland succeeded in establishing fair and free democratic elections in Africa where
dictatorships and corrupt governments are the order of the day
• Even though Somaliland has indeed global importance for security and democracy, it
does not receive expected economic aid and support from the world
• Somaliland has a strategic location across from Aden Gulf and it is an ideal place for seaports and military bases. Somaliland stability is important for global security and peace. Unlike Somaliland, Somalia still is facing internal problems. The government of Somalia is weak and does not control most of the country even though it enjoys the economic support of the international community.

In the years that Somaliland people were facing injustices, atrocities and human rights abuses, especially in 1988, by the governments of Somalia, the international community failed to stop those crimes.

After Somaliland people liberated themselves from the brutal Regime of Siyad Barre, regained its independence 1960, rebuilt their country from ashes, built government institutions and held free and fair democratic elections, the international community is still reluctant to recognize Somaliland and support the reconstruction of the country.

Somaliland people are treated unfairly by the international community by connecting its
diplomatic recognition with the approval of Somalia while Somaliland and Somalia were two
independent countries shared unthoughtful union in 1960.

To conclude, we, the Somaliland people, clear voice to tell the international community that we will never share another union with Somalia because of the horrific experiences we have from the previously failed union. It is the interest of the international community to recognize Somaliland for the sake of global security and stability.

Long live Somaliland
Yours Sincerely
Abdullahi Ahmed Heef
Chairman of Somaliland societies in europe (SSE)
Tel. 004571664659
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