The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is also the Chairman of the Justice Committee Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, on Sunday presided over the close of a workshop training for 18 participants that included judges, magistrates, prosecutors and coordinators of the Ministry of Environment drawn from various regions that focused on wildlife, environmental and habitat legalities entailed.

Present were also the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Hon. Shugri Haji Ismail Bandare, the of the University of Hargeisa Dr. Mohamud Yusuf Muse, Dr. Paul Evangelista who is an expert in environmental studies at the University of Colorado and the Director of the Environment and Resources Protection Agency.  NRCN Opyene Vincent.

The lessons taken at the workshop in the course that took eight days was recapped and highlighted at the closing ceremony by prosecutor Faisa.

Opyene Vincent on his part noted that the short period of the training was analyzed from the beginning of the investigation of wildlife cases, the prosecution process and up to the trial stage. .

Dr. Pawl Evangelista, a research expert at the University of Colorado, said that the University of Colorado in the United States is ready to strengthen cooperation in environmental protection with Somaliland.

The Principal of the University of Hargeisa Dr. Mohamud Yusuf Muse urged the members who benefited from the training to transfer the knowledge to the organizations they came from and apply it in their daily work.

Hon. Shugri Haji Ismail Bandare said that it was a great pleasure for the country to receive such a large number of trainings in Uganda and Ethiopia. .

The Chief Justice pointed out the importance of fauna and flora in sustaining the human life and its importance to be safeguarded through the regulations put in place.

He revealed that a court specialized to deal with the aspects of environmental protection will be established.

He advised the members who attended the training not to underestimate the valuable knowledge they have acquired in the training, and should put it in practice.