The Chief Justice Adam Haji Ali Ahmed received in his office the Deputy Ambassador of Denmark, Amb. Gertrud Birk , who was accompanied by the Head of the Danish office in Somaliland Mr. Mathias Kjaer on Wednesday.

The purpose of the meeting was to have a general exchange of information related to cooperation and cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of justice and how to strengthen it.

Meanwhile the Chief Justice on the same day attended the graduation ceremony of the 20th batch of graduates from the University of Hargeisa, which totaled 1,360 students, amongst them being judges, prosecutors and other judiciary staffers.

Of note was the Director of the Supreme Court’s Mobile Circuit Department, who was the highest in the Master’s degree of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.

The judiciary department sponsored their staffers for the courses.

The CJ congratulated the students who graduated from the University of Hargeisa this year, and pointing out the the institution’s graduates are leading in the workforce sector in the country.

He praised the teachers and the leadership of the different faculties of the University and described them as the leaders of the great development of the University.

The CJ pointed out that 80% of the judiciary staff are graduates of national universities in the country, especially propelled after the Judiciary Association made an agreement treaty with the local universities to develop the justice sector.

He urged the graduates churned out from the countries institutions to exercise creativity and bolster productivity.

He praised the number of women who are increasing in the education sector, saying that they play an important role in the balance of society and the development of our country.

He revealed that the judiciary will take the top two students from the Faculty of Law, to encourage them for their hard work and dedication.