HARGEISA, 23 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Dr. Jama Muse Jama, a Somalilander and PHD holder who currently lives in Italy has been shortlisted for the 2010 awards of freedom of expression.

According to Index on Censorship, Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression, the honor is for those who often at great personal risk, have given voice to issues and stories from around the globe that would otherwise have passed unnoticed. This award is given to a publisher who has given new insight into issues or events, or shown a perspective not often acknowledged, or given a platform to new voices

This year, for the first time, Dr. Jama comes into the short list as one of the awards most effective candidate from around the globe. He was selected along with other activists from Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, UK and others.

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Dr Jama Musse Jama is a Somaliland activist, author, publisher and founder/organiser of Hargeisa International Book Fair. In 2009, Jama published Weerane (The Mourning Tree), biography of Mohamed Barud Ali, one of a group of political activists known internationally as the Hargeisa Self-Help Group, who were imprisoned under the late dictator Siyad Barre. Jama is editor of www.redsea-online.com, the only forum dedicated to the exchange of views on Somaliland culture and literature in both English and Somali languages. The site also acts as online library and bookstore.

Jama wrote and published Somali Writers’ Association 2008 book of the year, Freedom is Not Free, which explains to ordinary citizens the significance of Article 32 of the Somaliland constitution, which “guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of expression and makes unlawful all acts to subjugate the press and the media”. The book is part of a wider campaign in conjunction with Somaliland human rights groups for freedom of expression.



  1. Well done Dr. Jama and thank you SomalilandPress for bring this to our attention. I love this site honestly.

  2. Iam so pleased to hear about your short list candidate of this award. I read some of your books, especially “A note of my teachers group” that is stimulating the young people of today to know more about their old generations like UFFO- young courageous university graduates determined to stand for justice, and how they work their people in a time where there is no freedom of expression. You have a great example to many of us who work hard to make a difference in their society. With hard work, devotion, and strong will, one can success an award like this and you are not exceptional.

    You deserve that a ward. Dr. Jama Muse Jama

    Way to go!

    Farhan A Suleiman (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  3. Congratulations Dr. Jama, and thanks to SomalilandPress, the only site avoids to melt with the day-to-day unnecessary comments and articles that does not take Somaliland anywhere, except encourage and breeds tribal affiliation of society that needs to be shown where the interest of their country is and how they can achieve it. Well done fellow citizen, and rest assure that even the nomination to prestigious award is itself something important. Shortlisting itself is a recognition and adds more weight to your effort and the fight for freedom that we fought for it, and deserve to have forever. You will succeed Insha Allaahu Tacalaa
    Sincerely Boqoljireh

  4. As I like most of my time to read some Somali Studies weather in Somali or in English Language, Authors like Hassan Ali Madar, Jama Ali Jama were the first who pays my attention and after those Years I think it's fair enough to be awarded the Intel Freedom of Expression Award, I for one person think he deserves it but I also think that threre should more examples like him weather from the Media outlets or others.

  5. I am happy that he got nominated but more importantly now more Somalilanders know Dr Jama Muse and his work for our people.

    I really love Hargeisa Book Affair club and Dr is very smart man not just any one with "Dr" title.

    This club is encouraging youngsters to read and to love books, this is the sort of man we need.

    Also I hope all Somalilanders support Somaliland National Library it will go well with Hargeisa Book Affair.

  6. Amazing isn’t it, the very people the Barre regime tried to silence in the early 80’s are publishing their memoirs and being shortlisted for prestigious awards, whilst people like Ali Samatar are facing charges in the US. Justice, however delayed, always comes to those who persevere.

  7. Give me Dr. Jama Muse and Dr. Edna Adam anyday over Raage Oomaar. Wadaniyadu waa u dhalasho ee maaha afkaoon ka sheego Somalilander baan ahay you have to fight for it by all means necessary.

  8. Great, it makes us both happy and proud that Dr. Jama Muse, a hardworker Somalilander, has been selected a candidate for the International Freedom of Expression Award. Well done Dr. Jama, Insha Allah you will win.

  9. Dear Jama Musse Jama you were great and not only in the shortlist of ours as Somalilanders but win and rest deep in our hearts long time ago through your ceaseless effort of injecting the system with highly intellectual and constructive doses of enhancement and consensus building in a tirelessly manner. Sure we are aware of that and recognise it and thankful with delight.


    by: Somaliland Independent progressive Think Tank

  10. Congratulations Jama. From contributing to the mathematical models for stablizing the leaning tower of Pisa to being short listed for International Freedom Award — you certainly are a man of many talents. Congrats again.