By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh||Hussein Deyr||UK |

As you may perhaps assume, the real threat that our country is currently facing, does not come from the outside. Please note! At this moment, our country is primarily threatened from the inside and strangely enough, by and from its own people and media! There is a conspiracy plot at the depth between macabre persons, failed and ill-informed ‘politicians’, disgusting media organizations, aiming earnestly at destabilization and destruction of our home country.

The question is: Who are these individuals who by knowingly and wilfully want to destroy their own country and people? Why do they do that? What do they want to achieve by that? What are their primary purposes?

They are politically and morally estranged individuals who are seriously uncommitted and unconvinced for the Somaliland’s cause. This bunch group are blinded by hatred and envy towards their own country and people, they are driven by clannish sentiments and an incredible greed for power and financial gain, it does not matter how, where and whatever means they achieve this. They are vicious and a hateful small group who’s their downfall comes within reach of time.

They are spoiled by greed and deceived by demons. They say they are with us, but they still work against us. They are born betrayers being used by the enemies against their land, people and kinsmen in return for dribs and drabs and shabby treatment. Due to their close ties with the Somaliland’s enemies, they must be considered as a vehicle for the enemy forces who seriously want to destabilize the hard won peace and stability of our great nation, the Somaliland Republic.

Somaliland antagonists (Internal and External) are small group of people who are funded and invested by mostly Diaspora folks who wish to destabilize Somaliland’s peace and stability through terrorist acts. But no matter how much hatred and jealously are written and published on those scurrilous and biased far right media organisations (TVs, websites and newspapers) Somaliland’s cause, democracy process and its efforts for self-determination as a sovereign State will prevail forever!

Creating recurring hatred, hostility and bloodshed between the brotherly people of Somaliland is a very accurate to the last details prepared strategy which these adversaries use so that they can achieve their devilish hidden agenda in a most underhand manner. They adopt the same attitude and strategies as the enemies of Somaliland Republic do, which by all means go out that the Somaliland Republic will never be recognized by the international community.

They form an acute and dangerous threat to our existence. They spread continuously lies, twisted truths about the situation and progress of our country. The only remedy against this sect, I think they should be paid in their own coin, treating them the same way as they treat our country and people. What worries me is the fact that nobody takes the trouble to act adequately against these propaganda’s, and as we are all aware they have a free hand to continue with their dark agenda.

To those ill-informed opposition politicians (if there are any!), to those self-styled ‘political analysts’, to those incompetent and failed ex-officials of Somaliland government, to those who are constantly changing clan and political colour by turn and to those chronic hate-monger figures and their allies; at a time of rising hostility, animosity and jealousy towards our nation and country, we don’t need shoot-from- the-hip policy. Instead of seeking altercation, recrimination and recurring despair attacks against the President of Somaliland and the government he leads. Come up with well considered and more constructive debates that can be part of the cause for our nation and can contribute to the advancement of our people and country’s future challenges.

ALLAH ayaa Mahad Leh, Wa Billaahi Tawfiiq

|By: Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh | |Hussein Deyr| |UK |


  1. Lol this guy has a stupid harcut. Kulaha "evil, clannish,tribalist" THAT IS WHAT U ARE!!

    Lmao he is desribing himself and his anti Somalia hate. Hussein Aden should stop drinking alcohol and sober up.

    Somalia's indipendence is sacred.

    • Sacred in the hands of Amisom 🙂 LOOOOL

      Sacred while Rapist police But the Raped teenage girls in a police station Cell where they are able to continue to do as they wish?

      Those who commit suicide have more honor then the likes of you.

      • Dont worry buuxiye, we will send u home to Addis ababa, to papa Meles gang. That is where traitor scum belong 😉

      • what about the "somaliland" troops that raped a poor teenager in khatumo state of Somalia? i will provide the sources later including how koffi annan, former head of UN because visited her and gave her a compensation of $100k because he was disgusted at what they did.

    • Burger-boy, how about stop whining and get farowle out. The Evil Burger clan will no longer be tolerated.

  2. F**k you pakistani ugly face worry about that crap country pakistan were innocent people are killed by taliban. Somaliland doesn't exist and will forever be known as nothing more than Northern Somalia..
    The great Republic of Somalia will assume its rightful place in the community of nations.


      If you love somalia then why is your name Burgerland geezer. That is like saying i love my country but i hate to be associated with it. Also why are your darood scum killing innocent hawiyes who take refuge in your dust toilet of a region. This ugly pakistani is more somali then any darood scum .

  3. Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh

    I agree with your Passionate appeal for a measured and meaningful political discourse in a time of great political turmoil.

    2015 is yet to come however 2013 we are require a common front.

  4. so let me get this straight, this dude's Paki rite??? LOOOL mayn what has this world come to?

    • Tell me about it. I am surprised too that these tiny asians who stink of curry and garlic poking their nose into somalia affairs. Yeah what has this world come to? LMAO


    • I dont get welfare and i study at the school of aviation in Australia. I plan to go back after the occupation of Lascanod is over.I am proud to be from the Federal Republic Of Somalia,the blue flag.
      Viva SSC and Long live Somaliweyn and the somali people.

  6. Dear Mr Egeh – thank you for presenting this factual article which Summons up what is in evey Somilanders mind. Funnily enough these culprits targeted the weakest person in the community who has a long history instability in order for them to gain their merel objectives of destroying not only our beloved country but also heritage

  7. Who are you calling haters? No one can Hate something doesn’t existed in the 1st place. Somaliland is dowlad gobolled same as Awdal State. Why are you calling a country? That’s not what tribes agreed during its creation.

  8. Punt land and Garisa are currently under implementation of another civil war between Darood and Hawiye. If they become successful with tier endeavours, this new civil war in Somalia may last more than another 20 years given their primary focus is on subjugating Hawaii clan by force. These cuprites have already had a number of high profile meetings with the president of Somali/Ethiopian administration, the Somali administration of Garisa for the purpose of raising enough funds for crashing Hawiye in the near future. Garisa team are also raising funds for recruiting soldiers from Somali Kenyans and ogaden. They are planning to create a new country which is linking Jigjiga, Pentlands, Kismayo and Garisa together and top of that, they want to ensure that all other trips living in theses aforementioned areas are eliminated or forced them to flee out of the area. In my opinion, I do think these individuals have any idea of the consequences of their ideas for the stability of the horn in the next 20 years

  9. Contined—-
    Those individuals seem to have inherited theses ideas from Siyad barre who was doomed as a result of him believing in this very same ideology (Darodism). They think they are cleverer than Hawiye after Abdullah Yusuf had successfully eliminated Habar Gidir and ensured that they should not be holding power in the TFG positions and in the entire South Somalia as he handed the power to Abgal with the help of Ethiopian fire power. Abdullah’s main goals were to divide and rule the Hawiye clan and his ultimatum plan was to ensure that Abgal should be replaced by habar Gidir in terms of wealthy, power and by number and he further ensured that they should be holding the higher positions in the TFG or running all the financial generated positions such as ports and airports even the head of the local districts in Mogadishu. Darrod though that they will be giving orders to Abgal behind the closed doors as they took this for grantee. However Abdal seemed to be trying to work closely with Habar Gidir since they realised they had been used by Darrods.

    • Awdal boy.

      Before you talk about anything else FREE YOURSELF……………………………FREEE YOURSELF. your ppl run over day and night hargeisa council what sort of dignity you have SHAME ON YOU……….SHAME ON YOU. if your real Awdal join your family AWDAL STATE or remain servant………….SHAME ON YOU…………SHAME ON YOU.

      • @Awdal boy

        Darood are advanced tribe and will never ever bowed or accept a Isaaq presence on our soil. No other tribe has shed blood for Somalia as has Darood. Somalia is our country and we decide what's best for the country. Though we may have our differences with Hawiya but we are one people, we're all in it together for the sake of our country.

        The connection between Garowe, Garissa, Jigjiga and Kismayo it's alliance between Darood clans and a welcome development. Issaq have their support among from their brethren Ciise and Gadaabuursi. It is only natural that clans in Somalia have similar, stronger bonds or relationships with their brethren beyond Somalia. Isaaq showed us that they have Djibouti and we show them that we have our clan cousins in Jigjiga and Garissa.

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        are yo godubiirsay or ciise
        what are you man

  10. Continued—-
    Pun land and Garisa have now realised that that Abgal have now changed and they are no longer consulting with them. They believe these monsters (Abgal) became so powerful to the point of challenging Puntalind’s authority which in turn forces puntalnd and others mainly Darrod to form another coalition in order to crash the mighty of Hawiye. These individuals have used media in Kenya and other places in Ethiopia and collated false evidence against Hawiye in order them to be seen that they have always been responsible for the destruction of Somalia and they have been to any proposed peaceful solution. As such, they believe that unless Hawiye is destroyed again by Darood with support and assistance of ammunition and army forces from both of these countries, the countltry will never be standing on its feet.

    • Loool Mohamed cheers, Kaboon and ComeAgain
      Try to fool us with all kind of name but Thats a lame move

  11. Continued—-
    These people are now trying tobe friendly with Somaliland by joining its recent municipal elections for the purpose of spreading chaos among Somaliland people. They have failed to alter or inflict any damage on our democracy but there are a few people who lack the mental capacity of distinguishing between the friends and the foe. The primary goal of these people was to target some individuals who have some specific characteristic. I e, he must be come from a very small trip who lives with other two or three larger trips than the one the person is originated. There must have been some historical hostility among those trips. This person must be short sighted person who could inflect enough damage on our independence even if he loses these elections. He must be someone who is unable to compromise with others including his own people. He must have some specific skills for using the weakest section of the community in order to further his goals of destroying the county. God wiling these individuals will be stopped collectively by Somaliland people, so that they won’t be used again by out enemies.

  12. This article is BS. The man is begging his fellow Isaaqs don't turn your back on us, and also secretly calling for them to turn on other tribes of the region. Yet at the same time he is wondering why these other clans, have turned their back on SomaliLand their Country. What kind stupidity is this. Say it like you mean it, no is falling for this BS. Either grow a pare and say it like you mean it, or just stop writing BS articles that seem coded, yet every one knows the message.

    Tell me truth, don't lie to me. I can except an honest enemy, more then an BS filled enemy, who wishes for the destruction of Somalia, for the sake of his precious SomaliLand. SomaliLand is no longer even one tribe, its a few sub-sub-clan, which was originally deviced by the Isaaq, a sub-clan of Dir. SNM was greater the the current SNM.

  13. He's Somali sorry but I dont know any Lander who has full Lander parents who has timo ja reer, maybe thats how you roll in Somalia but we are a different breed where I am from.

    He made a very good point those who hate Somaliland were silent as death while riyale was doing nothing, let this administration take over and actually start moving the country a head and you start to see just who your real allies and enemies are.

    • MY LORD , i seen isaqs look like FULL JAREER, don't look that far see the picture person incharge the airport……………………

  14. The Author is right that the real threat to Somaliland is from the inside more than from the outside,
    and Strangely enough, by certain of its own people and certain Media!.
    However, the Govt and good Somalilanders are doing their best keep the country's
    affairs working peacefully and controlling everything under law and order.

  15. A man crying on the limbo-this is real indication how the storm of restore dignity -Somali is becoming a knife held right on the hearts of Somali haters. Wow ""your long age enables you to see a delivering camel is a Somali proverb"" Cimirgaa oo raaga geel dhalaaya ayuu ku tusaa!!!!!!!!!!!