During the last three weeks, the world have witnessed Somalia Air Traffic Controllers, sponsored and financed by the Federal Government of Somalia undertaking air traffic piracy insurgences and have become a serious menace to the Horn of Africa Aviation’s, risking the safety of flights and even a near disaster of planes and diverting flight destined to Somaliland.

Somaliland Ministry of Interior has confirmed that Somaliland has taken control of their airspace, putting an end to violations by Somalia’s state-sponsored Airspace Piracy.

Now, all airlines using Somaliland airspace are directed by Somaliland Air Control Traffic Tower.

The attached Press Release, states Somalia has defaulted in payments of Airspace Revenue Sharing amounting to over $60 Million US dollars as agreed in the Turkey-sponsored International Conference 2013.

Now all flights flying over Somaliland airspace are bound to take instructions from the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority and accordingly, Somaliland can collect Airspace Revenue directly.