By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Civil Aviation and Airports Authority of the Republic of Somaliland has handed over vehicles to the Managers of Borama and Erigavo Airports, which will soon begin operations and prepare them to become local airports serving the community.

The handover ceremony was attended by the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Director of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Director of the Administration and Finance Department of Egal International Airport, and the managers of the two airport managers.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Arab, the director of the aviation department elaborated on the vehicles and the work they are supposed to do. “These vehicles are intended to take part in the soon-to-be-launched operation at these airports.”

On the other hand, the two managers after receiving the vehicles said that they were in dire need of the vehicles and thanked the civil aviation authority for their response, this much-needed transportation will make the work process easier. I am very grateful to the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority,” said the Borama Airport Manager.

The Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Somaliland Omar Abdullahi Aden (Omar-Sayid) who spoke at the event elaborated on the Authority’s plan to develop the country’s airports. M.r Omar Sayid said that the two vehicles are intended to used when the demarcation works of the Borama and Erigavo airports will soon begin operations. “Our main task for the nation today is to find international and local airports that provide services to the public.

The Agency is working on the plan and has provided a ready-made project for the demarcation of the two airports in Erigavo and Borama. The two airports, which are the Agency’s registered local airports, will be built in the near future and will be connected to the international airports in Berbera and Hargeisa. “We will start demarcating these airports next week and hand over the vehicles to the two airport managers.”

He further sent a message to the business community, intellectuals, and leaders of the two regions of Awdal and Sanaag advising them to assist in the implementation of projects to develop these two airports. “I am sending a message to the people of Somaliland in the Sanaag and Awdal regions, asking them to help us secure the land boundaries of those airports where residents, elders, intellectuals, and business people work with us. If the region does not have an airport, it will be isolated from the rest of Somaliland, ”he said.

The plan to expedite the construction of the two airports in Borama and Erigavo is a long-awaited milestone for the agency, which was initiated by the new manager who took office earlier this month, following the president’s appointment.