EUCAP’s Field Office Hargeisa has recently supported Somaliland Coast Guard (SLCG) training capacities by donating a training facility called a ‘Ship-In-A-Box’ to their base in Berbera.

‘Ship In A Box’ is an on-shore law enforcement training facility. The structure of the facility imitates the bridge of a ship. It allows law enforcement agencies to train on boarding procedures in order to conduct inspections aboard merchant ships.

The purpose of this facility is to enable SLCG’s Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure (VBSS) training, which is required for performing Coast Guard tasks and responsibilities at sea. The facility’s similarity to a typical ship, and accessibility, allows the SLCG to enhance its operational capacity to perform merchant ship inspections at sea.

Colonel Ali Hassan, representing the Somaliland Coastguard Admiral, was present at the handover event. EUCAP was represented by Mr. Georg Guentelberg, Deputy Head of Operations, and Mr. Kenneth Neijnes, Field Office Hargeisa’s Head of Maritime Security and Coast Guard Unit.

“It will allow our officers to develop our training levels so that we can enhance our abilities to operate in our area of responsibility. I would like to thank EUCAP for their consistent support to us and for working with us to improve our effectiveness,” said Colonel Hassan.

Georg Guentelberg emphasized EUCAP’s continuous commitment to support SLCG.

“The training and development initiatives and associated facilities, such as this Ship-In-A-Box, that EUCAP continues to jointly implement with the SLCG, particularly here at Berbera, ensures continuous development of the SLCG”, said Mr. Guentelberg.

Using this training facility, the SLCG will be upskilled in current and best practice VBSS procedures. The training facility is part of EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa’s ongoing training program to strengthen the SLCG’s capabilities.