The Somaliland public has welcomed the police crackdown on drugs and promised to increase cooperation between the police forces, after different raids the police force made and apprehended smugglers illegally imported alcohol and different quantities of cannabis and dozens of the country.


Police Chief Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadi and army officers last week unveiled alcohol hidden in sacks of Khat, and arrested individuals who attempted giving USD$ 3,000 bribes to release them.

Latest in the week, apart from raids seized large quantity of cannabis and alcohol, the police succeeded to arrest three individuals who took away 20 thousand dollar a passenger had left behind in a public transport car in Wajaale town.

The consecutive operations Somaliland Police Force succeeded in has been widely been praised and welcomed by the public and reacted accordingly.

Last Wednesday, a journalist Mohamud Ali Walaleye published an article in the media praising the police operation and urging the community to work with it, entitled, Parents: If you do not report to the police alcohol and cannabis you see, your children are at risk.




On Thursday, Somaliland Sultans and associated traditional leaders, intellectuals,  Religion Scholars, particularly Marodi-jeh Region praised noble work Somaliland Police Force accomplished and urged public to support.

Sultan Yusuf M. Hiiray, Sultan Ismail Sheikh Omar and Ugas Hussein Gele who spoke at press conference, all expressed their support for the Police crackdown on alcohol and cannabis, and urged public to support them.

The Sultans also promised to take a stand against those who insult Somaliland Force at the Private televisions.

On Friday, Somaliland clerics on Friday sermons echoed the traditional leaders and praised the police on how they succeeded to crackdown on drug and alcohol, and called on the public to stand up.

Sheikh Mohamed Haibe, who delivered a Friday sermon at the Rashid Mosque in Hargeisa, spoke well on the issue noting that it brought harm to the community.

The sheikh told the community that their morals had been invaded and that people needed to be vigilant and pay attention.

Sheikh Mohamed prayed for the Commander of the Police Force and the two officers who refused the bribe, asked God to reward them in paradise for the evil they are protecting the Islamic community against, and finally called on the community to step up their cooperation with the security.