By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, held a meeting with the traditional leaders of Togdeer region in the city of Burao.

The conference, which lasted for three days hence came to a close on Tuesday was related to the role of the Traditional Leaders in the Development of Sustainable Peace.

He was flanked by the governor of Togdeer region Mr. Mohamed Abdilahi Ibrahim (Nafaqo), and the Director of the Department of Politics, Culture and Peace Building at the Ministry of Interior.

The organization and management of the conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Interpeace.

During the meeting, the role of the traditional leaders in the development of lasting peace and conflict resolution was pondered upon.

Participants included the traditional leaders such as the sultans and aqiils, elders and intellectual fraternities drawn from the region.

Conflict resolutions, conflict prevention, strengthening sustainable security, visible or invisible cons and ways and means of addressing or stalling them were itinerary issues dwelt upon in the conference..

Hon. Kahin expounded on the value of security, and the role that traditional leaders can play in the development of lasting security.

He said that the traditional leaders have the main role in extinguishing the conflicts of the clans, and resolving any conflicts that arise.

“The only thing we can address this issue in our society is to work on our development and security. Security is the key to everything. Moving forward depends on it, there must be security perpetually,” he said.

The regional governor pointed out that the regional administration and the regional leaders are responsible for the protection of the community and strengthening of security.

He said, “Safety is one of the greatest Devine blessings. It is incumbent upon us to work towards and safeguard peaceful stability in concerted efforts”.

On the other hand, Ali Bashe, who was one of the traditional leaders who participated in the meeting, expressed his feelings about the lessons and the lessons that the experts gave them during the training, noting that it was quite valuable.

“We very much welcome the three days of conflict resolution knowledge that were given to us during the training. It has added a lot to us, we have learned many lessons, and we will continue to work, God willing”, he quipped.

The conference is indeed the second of its kind, as a similar one was previously held in the city of Eerigavo, in the capital of Sanaag region.