Berbera (SomalilandPress) – The Sahil court in the port city of Berbera sentenced seven Yemeni fishermen each to four years prison for illegally fishing in the Somaliland waters.

The prosecutor brought evidences to the court proving that the fishermen had illegally and knowingly entered the Somaliland waters. He argued that these fishermen had no license to fish in the Somaliland waters. However the defendants said they have a license to fish but they did not show any papers to proof their allegation.

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The fishermen told the court that they received a fishing license from a man name Abdirisaaq Qayre who at that time was also present in the court. Mr. Qayre told the court that he has no relationship with these men and therefore did not sell them any license to fish in the Somaliland waters.

Somaliland and Somali coastal water is known to have huge numbers of commercial fish and specially the prized Yellowfin tuna which is one of the largest tuna species that can weight over 300 pounds (136kg).

The fact that there is no government in Somalia and the growing numbers of pirates in the Somali waters are luring more illegal fishers into Somaliland waters which so far survived the piracy activities.

SomalilandPress, 13 April 2010


  1. Anybody who enters Somaliland Territorial Water Ways illegally should pay the price. Other countries have been looting our national resources for years now. It is about time to stop them. Somaliland has to tough on illegal activites including piracy and terrorist and to protect its Water Ways.

    Good job, Somaliland coastal guards.

  2. Let these guys be an example to will be a future illegal fishers, inside Somaliland territorial water.Make sure they will not get a pardon and remain in prison until they finish their sentences.

  3. they should be put to death. there are too many poor people in somaliland and bing this country is not recognise makes it worse

  4. Congratulations to Somaliland gov, not only are you defending our sea and coastal towns from Somali pirates but the Somaliland gov are also, and most importantly defending our rich resources from the REAL pirates of Somalia!!!

    …..and where is the international media….?