By Goth Mohamed Goth

A Well attended graduation ceremony was held on Wednesday for the 14th batch Admas University students at the Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa.

Dr. Mula Sagai, the Vice Chancellor of Admas University’s main campus in Addis Abba, Ethiopia, in his opening remarks during the ceremony began by lauding the graduating students for their hard work in achieving their academicals goals but most of the ups and downs they faced during the period spend on their studies.

He added that Admas University continues to deepen its reputation as a reference point for technical education in the country, and has now a flourishing niche area in entrepreneurship, hospitality, and business management.

Dr. Mula Sagai further charged the graduating students to put their shoulders to the wheel by utilizing practical skills acquired at the institution in contributing to the development of Somaliland.

Mr. Abdirashid Said Duale, the CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies and the guest of honor speaking during the ceremony said, “I would like to use this opportunity to commend the graduating students on the completion of their studies and achievements, but also urge the graduates of this prestigious learning institution to utilize the technical and entrepreneurship skills bequeathed them to create jobs and employ others.

“I believe that the graduating students equipped with education, are nurtured into fully fledged impactful entrepreneurs with ideas and innovative solutions to dynamic societal challenges,” Mr. Abdirashid Duale said.

The CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies gave an example of a man who used to repair car tyre’s punctures but through commitment and hard work is now a prominent businessman who owns a chain of shops selling motor spare parts and other car accessories and another one who started a driving school with a single vehicle but now operates a fleet of vehicles for his driving school and another who used to sell water with a donkey but now is a successful businessman.

Lastly, Mr. Abdirashid Duale reiterate that Dahabshiil Group is always on hand to assist the graduates in realizing their business ideas and related proposals to ensure their relevance and exceptionality in the world of work.

Dahabshiil Bank International has provided funding to micro, small and medium enterprises founded by youths in Somali speaking region and beyond, and continues to help young entrepreneurs invest money they receive in legal businesses that uplift the lives of people in rural areas, especially poor households.

Dahabshiil Group of Companies, comprising Dahabshiil Money Transfer & Dahabshiil Bank International and Somtel Telecommunications, Edahab, and MicroDahab-finance. Dahabshil Bank International (DBI), provides tailor-made services for local and personal banking needs and currently offers different products for local businesses including investment and MicroDahab finance for local businesses. The investments department of DBI since its inception has shown an increase in participation in local businesses.