Dahabshil is a nice entity whose service I have used before and will continue to, says German rider in Africa for the first time

A motorcyclist who has visited 15 countries in the world spoke about his affinity to the Dahabshiil company when he arrived in the capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa.

The German-born 27-year-old tourist rider, Friedrich Schatz, said that he has traveled to several countries in Europe and Asia hence have just embarked on his Africa tour.

He pointed out that he has just entered Africa for the first time through Somaliland.

When he told the media about the purpose of his trip, Mr. Friedrich said, “I traveled from Germany to Africa with my motorbike. I visited Turkey, Iran, UAE, and Oman”.

He explained, “When I was traveling through Oman, I shipped my motorcycle, took a plane, and later retrieved it from the port at Berbera then rode on to Hargeisa”.

Tourist Friedrich said that Somaliland is the first country in Africa that he visited in his trip, and it is his gateway to the whole continent as he continues his journey to other African countries.

The most amazing thing that he says he sees in Somaliland is an international city, where “you see people from countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and other places, I didn’t expect”.

When asked about the purpose of his journey, Friedrich  said, “It’s a tough question. I traveled to learn about new countries and people and their way of life”.

The tourist thanked Dahabshiil company, saying that they welcomed him to the country

“Dahabshil Group welcomed me to the country of Somaliland, I am very grateful. They are a great company and they made my trip enjoyable”, he beamed.

He further lauded the company saying, “Dahabshil is a nice entity, and I used their service before and hope to continue doing so in the future”.

He continued, “The first time I saw Dahabshil company and used their services was in the Arab nations of UAE and Oman and here Somaliland”, hence adding. “and I hope they will ease my travels to other African countries”.

He said that Somaliland travel through Ethiopia and Uganda on his way to South Africa.