By Goth Mohamed Goth

Top Dahabshiil management has in a press statement strongly refuted reports carried in a section of media that alleged World Remit has entered into an agreement with Dahabshiil Remittance.

Mr. Faud Ahmed Nuuh, the director of operations at Dahabshiil Remittance speaking to the press in his office said, “ Regarding the statement released by World Remit which alleged money send through World Remit can be received at Dahabshiil outlets in Somalia, therefore, We (Dahabshiil) hereby declare that there is no agreement between our company and World Remit, and like to notify Somali customers who have misinformed that there is no money being paid from our facilities or the company.

“We are informing our customers and the Somali people who wish to send money to their home country from anywhere in the Dahabshiil Centers or anywhere open in Dahabshiil.” The Mobile Application can also use Talk Remit and Dahabshiil USA’s Dahabshiil Online platform, which enables a person to send money from his phone to his or her home/business without visiting our Dahabshiil outlets.

TalkRemit service is available to all esteemed customers in Europe as well as customers in the United States and by using the DahabshiilUSA app that is now available through Google Play or IOS which enables our customers to send money from the comfort of his home and the person who is receiving the money can receive at our local Dahabshiil outlets or through his mobile phone Edahab account.

Mr. Fuad Ahmed Nuuh, added that Dahabshiil has its own innovative plans which are in compliance with its customers’ needs. Therefore, would like to inform its esteemed Somali speaking customers both locally and the word over that we have not entered to any agreement with World Remit whatsoever. Dahabshiil has its own services that enable you to send or receive payments from anywhere in the world.