The visiting new Danish Envoy to Kenya, Ambassador Ole Thonke, met with the President of the Somaliland Constitutional Court, Hon. Adan Haji Ali Wednesday.

Ambassador Thonke and the Chief Justice discussed a number of issues, according to reports on the matter, which spanned over cooperation between the two countries, the European country’s to the democracy roadmap in Somaliland, upcoming elections, the role of the constitutional court in adjudicating differences and authenticating results, and the strengthening of the judiciary system through technical support.Ambassador Thonke also met with the Somaliland Non-governmental actors forum SONSAF.

The two sides, according to a tweet the Forum Chairman posted, were of the same mind on how desirable and critical to the country’s democracy it was that women and youth were accommodated in the forthcoming twin elections for local councils and the parliament.


Upon his arrival, yesterday, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, received Ambassador Thonke who paid him a courtesy visit.

The President and the Ambassador touched on a number of crucial issues that helped cement the warm relations between the two sides.

Denmark was a hefty contributor to the Somaliland Development Fund – an arrangement which freed the 30-year-old unrecognized democracy from the thumb-and-rule of Villa Somalia and a system that had no jurisdiction over it despite the Somalian insistence.

Denmark, together with the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is funding 9 highly crucial projects in SDF2 at a cost of more than US$30 million.

President Bihi reassured the Ambassador that his government was very much committed to holding the elections on time and that preparations, including voter registration, for the D-Day were well on course.


Somaliland slated 31st May 2021 for the twinned elections to happen.

Ambassador Thonke reiterated the Danish support of Somaliland development and democracy, and that his country will continue contributing to the Development Fund.

It is Ambassador Ole Thonke’s maiden visit to the Republic of Somaliland since he assumed office in Nairobi in the last quarter of 2020.

The Danish Embassy in Kenya is also responsible for Somalia, Somaliland affairs.