By Abdirahman M. Dirye

On yesterday morning of December 3, of 2016, Somaliland Speaker of Parliament visiting arbitrarily arrested journalists including Munir Ahmed the founder of the online newspaper, a critical of the government policies, met unexpected thing: sooner he arrived at dungeon gate; the prison guards threatened him with gunpoint like he was a terrorist. “Don’t you know me; I am your president of your Legislature body”. “, yes, you are” they answered“, but we were given an order” (to kill jail visitors perhaps). Out of fear for his life, he retreated! This comes only two months away from the presidential elections that timed to hold in March next year. I don’t know if this could happen to such high profile figure, what would happen on ordinary man without any privileges.

“If not to uphold the law, everyone would take the law into their own hands that would be a disaster!” stated Wadani leader as well as Speaker of Parliament Hon. Abdirahman Iro.

All former workers of the ex-tyranny regime, and sleeping terrorists applauded the gunpoint threats believing it’s heralds the end of Somaliland democracy.

In this year alone, Kulmiye Reform Democracy Wing, split from the ruling party who refused to take the bribes and ministries as appeasements, students, bankers, porters, and butcher associations forming political groups banded together and joined the Wadani opposition party, in an attempt to curb the soaring corruption, maladministration, and unprecedented embezzlement.

Following the joining by political mighty forces of all stripes and walks of life, Abdirahman of Wadani Leader dismissed the possible rigging or election coup rumors by saying “these broad freedom alliances can’t be subjugated to another post-Siyad dictatorship if elections are rigged, that will be a bloodbath if the voters’ willing isn’t respected”. Each group will send an observer to the polling stations to keep maxim vigilante. Only few years passed from municipal elections of which Xaqsoor group vying to attain the political party status of which its ballot papers disappeared in criminality reminded all national voters of maxim vigilante so that they can dislodge the ruling party from power peacefully.

That broke the heart of the ruling party making any chance to win presidency less likely— fraud and rigging yes. Also, a misinformation already circulating in regard to Wadani opposition party in ‘unity talks’ with Somalia to make character assassination of the pop party, the last desperate attempt to defame the Wadani party. They put setups one after another but so far, the voters refuse to buy it.

the voters lost confidence in the government for host of reasons: the last one was the president appeared in what analysts called a “ clannish plot” to crucify the democracy and the largest opposition party Wadani “ our bi-tribal alliances (between Sacad Muse and Habar Habusho” predates Gar-adag Summit for our tribes. Despite the massive buy-outs of entire clans in bulk, the ruling party Kulmiye’s candidate Sacad Muse by tribe wary of Habar Habusho, the president’s tribe for not voting for him because they are cynical. Muse Bihi the ruling presidential candidate is wary of what he called ‘the ill intentions’ of the president’s tribe of “shaking in one hand and stabbing in the back with the other” since the Grand Sultan of Habashe expressed bluntly in his presence. “We (Habasha) not in either party, honest to God, we aren’t, our people free to vote for any party as we’re not hold hostages by any party, so please don’t say I love you I mayn’t say it back” anathema to all voters regardless of clan, an ex-warlord’s  tough talking sunk to whispering to “abtiyaal, or maternal uncles ,or . Habuusho isko caliya codkii (or pay back the votes).  His party all got it wrong.

Habesha coalition tribes left Kulmiye when known figures asked Muse for the hand of the party chairmanship to succeed him in return of wholesale of their tribe to him, Muse didn’t know that a refusal would shrink the party into his smaller sub clan. Muse Wayne proudly refused their demands. Solid Habesha of ants-like-loyalty have defiantly marched on towards Wadani Party.

In closed meetings, in retaliation to their default, Muse Bihi vowed to shut down Dahab Shiil Bank and chase out of all Habesha tribe residents from Wajale, Hargaysa, and Berbera if they don’t pay back his tribe votes during the 2010 elections that brought president Silanyo to power as he put it. . He also promised ina Aw Sicid, a foreign tycoon who violated the country’s laws of not funding national parties by a foreigner, to be agent of French Bank, and cancel all trading licenses of Ina Harbi Company, Telesom, Premiere Bank, Fly Dubai, SPI, and Hass Petroleum

But Samsam, the national minister who degenerated into spin doctor for her ‘cousin’ Muse said in closed but wrongly televised tribal gathering in Burco “we love you guys, we beg you, vote for us without judging of the merits of our policies, it’s a tit for tat”.  She refused to pay to her some ministry staff for being advocates of Wadani party.

Ex- foot Soldier, Mohamed Kahin, deputy Head of Kulmiye questioned Wadani’s acceptance of elections results if defeated. How did he come to that conclusion if he didn’t determine the election outcome already? Given Kulmiye’s last remarks with Xaqsoor political group, in an add lip “ you’ll join us if defeated? “ but you forget to say the same thing about your party, that’s to join to ours if defeated?” smartly responded Hasan Isse Jama, the last chairman of SNM, freedom fighters, and the first deputy president of postfree Somaliland. Evidences of symptoms of democracy coup are plenty but I shouldn’t speculate what may or may not happen in the future.

All past actions manifest their future sinister intentions.

By the way, threatened at the gunpoint in broad daylight, Somaliland Speaker of Parliament and opposition presidential candidate doubts how free and fair election can be possible in the hands of an irresponsible government that treats her Speaker of Parliament very threateningly. He calls the world to look into the matter very seriously.