Living peace and Prosperity is the aim and aspirations of all societies and the top agenda of their leaders. However, the global south nations face challenges in achieving this, more broadly in Africa, peace and prosperity are challenged by dictatorship and sometimes democratic election experiments is impossible because the locals are not sacrificing though heavily invested by foreigners. However, Somaliland took a unique bath in achieving home-grown stability after the deadlock civil war and show-cased home-based democracy practices defined through the multi-party system and peaceful transfer of powers in 7successive Elections although there are delays and that road was not easy.
On 31 May 2021, Somaliland undoubtedly has passed a litmus test that many other nations continue to struggle with – home-based democratization. Over 1 Million voters cast their votes in 2079 polling stations scattered across the 6 regions of Somaliland to elect the upcoming Parliamentary and local councils. This years election was mainly own funding where 75% were financed from the National budget in the heavy tasks of logistical arrangements, registration by establishing biometric-based elections and adopting election regulations, these Elections were described as credible and peaceful by impressed International observation missions that routinely monitor the last elections in Somaliland since 2005.
Today, it’s a moment of hope and triumphs for Somailanders and Somaliland Deserves to be rewarded for these remarkable achievements acknowledge their efforts and recognize to join and reserve their seats in the UN & AU entities that its citizens aspire. And Somaliland will continue to impress being the beacon of peace, stability and democracy in the horn of Africa.

About Author
Yahye Xanas- Human rights Activist, Freelance journalist and Former Executive Director for Somaliland journalists Association.