By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ministry Energy and Minerals on Sunday opened a two weeks training course for ministerial staff.

The two weeks training course, organized by the Ministry of Minerals and Energy, will focus on public reception and work ethics.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the Director-General in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals speaking during the launching of the two weeks training course for the ministry staff said, “This is not the first such training workshop of its kind the ministry of energy and minerals had organized but part of ongoing training program meant to enhance ministerial staffers competence which they will, in turn, utilize the knowledge garnered in the respective departments. There will be other similar training that we will conduct, and we intend to use this training for the staff of the Ministry’s offices to take advantage of this training which will last for two weeks, and they will apply the lessons learned from this training in their offices.

The knowledge gained during the two weeks of training will enable them to execute their duties in their respective departments. The public offices are represented by well-educated people and when they come to the office they are well prepared and learned”.

Mr. Mohamed Sulub from the University of Hargeisa briefed on the two weeks training program.