By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Director of Hargeisa Mental Hospital is calling on the public to donate winter clothing, blankets, and other essentials during the cold season.

Dr. Mustafa Hussein Hersi in a presser held in his office said, “While the current situation is very cold, he appealed to the Somaliland public to continue extending their support that they have always been able to provide such as blankets, coats and heavy jackets are among the most important articles of clothing you can donate during the cold period.

He added, “The mental hospital has hosts 62 male and 3 female inpatient, the female ward is under construction but caters to an ever-increasing number of outpatients every week due to factors such as drug abuse, depression, poverty, and unemployment.

Dr. Mustafa Hussein Hersi the head of psychiatric services
Dr. Mustafa Hussein Hersi the head of psychiatric services

Dr. Mustafa Hussein Hersi said, “The mental hospital continues to operate due to donations by private organizations such as Gudoon,  Nasteexo, Peace Care, Takaful Insurance, and businessmen among them Basxane and owner of Mansoor Hotel who on a daily basis brings freshly cooked food to the hospital.

The head of psychiatric services addressing the problems facing the mental wing said, “The mental wing lacks the space for proper premises and local psychiatric capacity building is crucial. The doctors, nurses, and assistants need ongoing educational sessions and supervision in order to be able to take care of the job.