DSCN5627By Goth Mohamed Goth

In a press statement released by the Somaliland Foreign Ministry and International Cooperation today read as follows:-

As stipulated in Article 10 of Somaliland constitution

1. Somaliland acknowledges and attributes to regulations of governance and those of the United Charter  

2. The republic of Somaliland recognizes and honors the universal declaration of human rights.

3. The republic of Somaliland believes in the principle of self-determination of world countries.

4. Political conciliation shall be solved through peaceful negotiations, and shall respect other country borders.

5. Shall strive to overcome differences through understanding and peaceful means.

So in accordance with Article 10 the government of Somaliland shall not in any way allow a clique of people or anarchist to infringe on its borders by holding unsanctioned assemblies and which lacks any permission from the government of Somaliland;

As such Somaliland shall not accept at any time whatsoever to be dictate upon by any entity on how to conduct its own affairs whether on administrative decentralization or its social security within its own borders.

Therefore the government of Somaliland wishes to inform neighboring countries and international organizations to desist from supporting acts of insurgency or abetting such illegal meetings which infringes upon the integrity, Unity and sovereignty and against the interest of the republic of Somaliland hence they should respect the national integrity just as this country respects those of the international community 


  1. cheers !!!!!!!!! we like the government to take action and show example rather the disease to spread !!!! viva silanyo viva somaliland