By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dubai’s state-owned port operator DP World has launched a multi-phased expansion of Berbera port, Somaliland, to boost trade for landlocked countries in the Horn of Africa.

Mr. Ali Hassan (Awale), speaking on behalf of the joint venture company which manages the port, DP World Berbera said,  “We are delighted to see in the past two years, the port has experienced transformation in terms of the investment of port infrastructure”,. He further added that DP World would invest in training people in Somaliland to create jobs for the local economy. To date, the company has pumped more than 17 Million dollars in upgrading the port facilities.

The DP World official made the announcement upon the arrival of three mobile harbor cranes worth 10.4 Million dollars and essential in ports for the rapid handling of general and bulk cargoes.

He added with the deployment of the new mobile harbor cranes will increase the port working hours from 12 to 22 hours and will play an important role in Berbera Port’s expansion scheme.

Mr. Abdillahi Abdi Hassan Mataan, the deputy managing director of Somaliland ports authority said the new equipment would enhance the capacity of this major infrastructure asset.