Twenty Women & forty Men Peace Committees chosen to enhance peaceful coexistence) 

By M.Walaaleeye

The Academy of Peace and Development (APD) delegation on facilitation assignment to El-Afweyn district met with the community’s Peace Committee hence stated that they witnessed masses highly eager to have durable Peace.

APD delegation touring the area met with the peace committees from the formerly antagonistic sides and discusses the best ways their assigned tasks of security awareness can be implemented in El-afweyn district settlements for everlasting.

The Academy of Peace and Development delegation is facilitating 60 members from each side (Consisting of 20 men and 10 women) for security committees to enhance dissemination for 10 days, as confirmed by Mohamed Abdillahi Abdi of APD to the THT’s Mohamoud Walaaleye on Saturday.

APD is implementing this project with the assistance of Interpeace.