By: Mohamed Ali –Lawyer-


Recent political instability Parliamentarian’s Dispute base


Somaliland constitution clearly outlines separation powers of the three arms of the state; therefore, it’s an obligation for the citizens to obey the constitution that approved by the people for absolute majority in 2000’s.


In last month, there has been a conflict between the members of the House of Representatives, which based on the speakers reshuffle of the committee members, the speaker and the second deputy speaker both agreed the above discussion, in order improve day-to-day activity as to become well functioning and smooth running.



Several days after, the decision were made by the speaker and the deputy speaker disagreed by the first deputy speaker Rt. Hon Bashe M Farah few days after he came-back from short trip to visit in Turkey, Mercurial Ali yousuf  “2ND Deputy speaker” also supported the disagreement by Bashe Mohamed Farax.


Speaker of the House Rt Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdillahi was in Europe while the two-deputy speaker were making the disagreement of the speaker’s re-organised to the committee members. The above issue was the base of the existing disagreement between the members of the House of Representatives, and lately caused those MPs to split into two groups. a side that supported with Abdirahman Ciro and one side that supported with Bashe and Ali yousuf “the two deputy speaker” .


Anyhow, the members of parliament can solve their own problems if the government is stay away or excluding the recent issues in the parliament. Unfortunately, the current government has been frequently interfering the parliament local and simply issues in order to provide support the members of parliamentarians that listed on the ruling party (KULMIYE).


President Ahmed Silanyo “inactive president” and several closed and powerful ministers has been involved and taking-part the parliament fresh disagreements to be rising up and finally reaches fight against each other.


What is the Solution?


In my view and my experience about the Somaliland politics and resolution of local problems between the politicians.

The following points are very important and its essential to get them as the house get rest and become stable in the future.

The executive should be excluding and stay away the parliament politics dispute.

The gov’t should stop frequent interfering with the parliament.

MPs should resolute their problems with their own hands and forget all political interest.

The speaker and the two deputies should come together and deal on how to get an immediate resolution of the recent problems.

Its very important for every MPs to care the national interest instead of personal and party interest.

The House of elders should honestly support with the House of Representatives while reconciliation process going.





I would to conclude my article about the recent political instability between the MPs.


I want to say one word to the People, Members of Parliament, Government “Executive”, Politicians and the judiciary.


To People:

             If we want to build a nation with peace, prosperity, good life and stable;

             first the people should be unite and together in order to prevent civil wars

             and conflicts that based by clan interest.


To Gov’t executive;

The executive should be honestly work with the other government branches in order to move forward.

To Politicians;

The politicians should be far away everything that against the nations existence and should obey and follow the laws and constitution of this country fluffily.

To Judiciary;

Its very essentials to get independent judiciary, justice and trustable system of courts in order to keep nation’s existence remain longer.






Mohamed Ali is political analyser