Lasanod, 4 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Explosion rocks Lasanod as delegations consist of Government ministers and other Somaliland officials are in the city. The explosion which happened near Hamdi hotel where the delegation is staying has left one person dead in the scene.

Sources close to the police told Somalilandpress that the incident could be a suicide attack aimed at the hotel. The person who died in the incident is the one who was carrying out the bomb attack. Other sources said that the person did not know how to use the bomb and it exploded to himself while the police stopped him near the hotel.

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The police have not yet recognized the body which is taken and kept in the hospital for investigation.

Somaliland officials believe that this was a suicide attack and it has Alshabab’s finger prints.

Lasanod witnessed a series of bomb attacks lately. Some Somaliland officials died and others were wounded.

No one claimed the responsibility of the attack but the Minister of Interior told the media that the person who died in the scene was the one who was carrying the explosives. He said they found mobile phones, remote control and other materials in his pocket.


  1. Bal maxaa cadibay qofkan damcay inuu dad Muslim ah dhiigooda daadiyo..Isagii baa meel cidla isku qarxiye..Inamo yar-yar oo aan adduun wax ka aqoon kana soo arag ayaa waxaa soo diraya rag iyagu naftooda jecel..

  2. This is the new face of Las Anod and people of Sool, they became part of Al Shabab, instead of rebuilding their behind region. Al Shabab and extremism always finds safe heaven among those lacking education.

    This suicide was carried out by extremists elements who formed a new group in Sool called NSUM, who have close ties with Al-Shabab.

    They did this because the minister of information has suspended mobile phones from the area so they can no longer use remote bombs denonated via phones.

    So they have used their next tool – suicide bombing.

    Well done Mr Sundule, dont not open those phone lines for those terrorists, everyone must register and have address.

  3. The gaint divels who mastermained series explosive in sool region plow up himslef in hudered yard aways hamdi hotel in lasanod …

    to Jahanama Inshallah and thos who are like him too.

  4. Lasanod explosives are link to Mr. Riyaale trying to extend his presidence. Lasanod, Head of the CID has been under arrested when someone reported. Kulmiye and Habarjeclo people are aware of this as one of their officers has been killed few weeks back.

  5. @Hayaan…
    They know it, we know it, is not a fact, and till we hear such things from the officials of Kulmiye, it stays allegations.
    Hence, I don’t believe that you are Kulmiye spokesman or representing them, so please keep your accusation to yourself.
    i don’t support any party but I hate when ppl through blames over here and there without having a prove.
    At these crucial moments we all should stand up in one line.

  6. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed, You said you know…I beleive Allah knows all not your or any other humanbeing. But We know one for a fact, Somaliland Officers are getting kill in Lasanod, And its my understanding Lasanod ppl have nothing to do with that, so i advice you look within. Mr. Riyaale is draging his feets to have election, and many ppl beleive that if there is all out war in Lasanod there will be no election, so add up the numbers.