Somaliland Financial Management Information System (SLFMIS): Tracking progress, identifying system glitches

The PFM Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Finance development has organized and hosted a system performance evaluation session on Somaliland Financial Management Information system (SLFMIS) at the PFM office in Hargeisa, on January 16, 2019.
Primary users of the SLFMIS, Admin & Finance people of public institutions have attended the meeting.Β  The principal objective of the meeting was to identify the progress and glitches of Somaliland Financial Management Information System (FMIS) one year after the system was rolled out to major public institutions in Somaliland.
The SLFMIS is designed to improve the transparency and effectiveness of the Somaliland government’s financial transactions.Β The SLFMIS is a crucial component of the PFM reform program.

The SLFMIS is a web-based system designed to automate and communicate financial transactions in the public sector. These transactions include budget formulation and execution, accounting and reporting.

The SLFMIS will also facilitate real time financial information sharing that can increase participation and efficiency of operations such as budget formulation planning and administration.

SLFMIS was rolled-out in April 2018, today we hold an assessment session, participated and contributed by all Admin and Finance of public Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Its anticipated to fully migrate SLFMIS In 2019 in an effort to automate government financial management information cycle.