By Goth Mohamed Goth

Five persons perished while nine others were admitted to hospital for treatment heavy downpours pounded the city of Hargeisa on Monday evening.

Several houses and countless properties damaged. Hundreds of commuters were stuck in traffic all night. Entire neighborhoods submerged under water by floods following a torrential downpour.

H.E Muse Bihi visited affected areas that ravaged by flash floods in Hargeisa, conveying condolences to those who lost loved ones while announcing that relief work was underway.

The President also assessed damages caused by the floods in various parts of the city of Hargeisa.

The President said that wrong urbanization’ in Hargeisa is blamed as the source of the increasingly destructive flash floods.

This episode was a reminder of the vulnerabilities that we live with as a nation. Disaster preparedness proved to be non-existent right in the capital.