By Goth Mohamed Goth

The National Drought Relief Committee and National Disaster Preparedness Agency together with the Food Bank have delivered food aid to 500 families in the areas of Dabo-tag, Saah-dheer, Dharkeyn-geyo and Kala-baydh in Sool region.

The food aid will be distributed to people affected by the drought in those areas. Officials of the National Drought Emergency Committee and the organization for the preparation of Natural Disasters and the Food Bank oversaw the process.

A senior official speaking on behalf of NEDFOR said that they are still distributing the food intended for the Sool region to all 4500 families affected by the drought.

The administrators of Dabo-tag, Saah-dheer, Dharkeyn-geeyo and Kala-baydh districts in the Sool region thanked the Somaliland government for the donation of food that has been delivered to their areas. They said that food aid will alleviate the suffering of drought-stricken and vulnerable people living in those areas.