LAS ANOD (Somalilandpress) — Twelve traditional tribal chiefs from the Dhulbhante clan have been placed under houseΒ  arrest by Somaliland forces in the town of Holhol.

In total, 14 tribal chiefs, known as Garaad or Isimo were expected to hold a political round-table discussions in the town of Holhol in the district of Huddun of Sool region, about 220km north of Las Anod on Sunday. The main focus of the Garaado Confederacy was to implement and establish a committee who would carry out attacks against Somaliland forces including political assassinations, remote bombing and creating unrest in the region. The conference was a follow up to a conference that was held in Nairobi early this year which was designed to create instability in the region.
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According to sources, the tribal leaders originally wanted to host the conference in the neighbouring semi-autonomous region of Puntland but leaders from that region blockedΒ  the meeting.

On Sunday morning, the tribal chiefs led by Garaad Jama Garaad Ali, traveled across the border to hold the conference inside Somaliland. Somaliland intelligence who received information before hand, notified the military, about midday, Somaliland forces surrounded and arrested all tribal leaders except two who escaped in a car including the chairman of the conference Garaad Jama Garaad Ali.

Somaliland forces have reportedly given them 24 hours to denounce violence against Somaliland forces and acts of terrorism.

It is believed that the Garaad leaders were behind recent blasts and attacks in the town of Las Anod which killed a number of Somaliland policemen and military officers. Most of these blasts are often being financed by Dhulbahante clan-men in the Diaspora.

The dhulbahante clan which mainly inhabits in the Sool region is divided between Somaliland and Puntland, many are still loyal to clan affiliation and consider themselves part of Puntland and the Harti-Darood brotherhood. While many see themselves as Somalilanders and believe the development of the region is better off under Somaliland.

Right: Garaad Jama Garaad Ismael & Garaad Abdisalam

During the Nairobi conference, the Garaad leaders urged their supporters to kill Somaliland forces and leaders in the region by any means necessary and they have vowed to disrupt democratic institutions in the region including elections.

No one knows what the forces will do with the tribal leaders but they remain under house arrest.

Somaliland also sent a heavily armed combat unit to the town of Tuka-Raq who secured roads leading to Garowe in Puntland. However, according to source close to the Puntland government, a number of ministers from Puntland have held a secret meeting with Somaliland military officials in Tuka-Raq, who requested Somaliland to spare the town of Tuka-Raq.

In a meeting in Puntland Presidential villa, Puntland vice-finance minister, Abdi Halas, said in the presence of Puntland-vice president, Mr Abdisamad Ali Shire, that by meeting with Somaliland officials they have saved a lot of towns from Somaliland including Tuka-Raq. When he was questioned what Puntland forces would do, he said, Somaliland forces will withdraw from Tuka-Raq as part of the agreement.

Garaad Jama Garaad Ali

It is believed that Somaliland forces wanted to detain Garaad Jama Garaad Ali, who is accused of masterminding all the attacks against Somaliland forces. Somaliland is said to have made secret agreement with Puntland to hand over Garaad Jama in return Somaliland would withdraw from number of towns.Β  Garaad Jama is currently believed to be hiding in the town of Sah’dheer in the Sool region, no one knows if he will return to Garowe.

Listen to Garaad Jama Garaad Ali speaking to Puntland based local radio: [audio:garaad_jama_interview.mp3]

Somalilandpress, 26 January 2010


  1. Enter text right here!It is about time; let us take more tough actions against those terrorists.

  2. hahahaha this is great news! About time those so called tribal leaders who are nothing but terrorists working along side Al Shabab and ONLF are brought to justice, wise move by Somaliland military!

    It brings my attention to that video from National Defense University, where they predicted war on Somaliland's east region and those responsible were positioned in Puntland, they got it 100% right expect that now it seems Puntland is cooperating with Somaliland, they know our forces will over run their little militia who cant even handle Galmudug region hahahaaha what a joke!

    We got the old men in their garmet dresses and sticks busted! Welcome to 21st century Somaliland democracy old guys.

    There is no such thing as Garaado nor chiefs there is only Somaliland authority. You either join Udub party, Ucid or Kulmiye party, there is no such thing as tribe rule and I know the people of Sool dont want to relay on 12 backwarded tribal leaders.

  3. Allow u caqli celi reer isxaaq. ma waxaad moodaysaan inaad dowlad noqonaysaan adinkoo qabiil ah. war runta isu sheega, waa waxaan soconayn waxaad is tusteen. garaadada waa miiddii soomaaliyeed ee nimanyahow ka xishooda waxaad ku hadlaysaana ka fiirsada.

  4. The thing that really worries me about these Garaad is the coward bombing tactics that they are using against Somalilanders from Sool – the ones they are claiming to protect-, Puntland leaders are pragmatic they hate Somaliland more than these Garaads but they also know what Somaliland is capable of.

  5. You kids are really f***ked up, how many shiirs were there in Hargeisa, Burco, and other little tulos and Isaaqland won't allow another tribe to hold their own. HYPOCRITES! Don't cry for your people when theres explosions in the major cities of Isaaqland with your leaders carrying policies like that. Wallahi I have never seen people so brainwashed and have so much cuqdad to even disrespect elders. Inshallah, mujaahidiinta are going to come cleanse this vile hate for their muslim brothers in S/land. IT IS ON!!!

  6. the end of so called somaliland. big mistake arresting traditional elders. i am not dhuloos but i can see a disaster ahead for isaaq tirbe. kahin played his cards well. we will see…..

  7. Some of the Garaads are more problmatic than Al Shabab, they need to be arrested this includes Garad Jamac Garad Ali. Somaliland is serious and two boys with little remote boys on a horse can not take on a tank and live ammunition, they know that's why they carry out this coward acts, they cant face the army, see how we arrested them and dismissed their little meeting? They are that small. Now go some where else and cry.

  8. Col. Cismaan Yusuuf got what he deserved, mac sonkor. Detaining these garaads proves to the world the clan ideoology behind Somaliland, you morons have shot yourselves in the foot. I helped pay for some of those bombs!

  9. Does this make sense to anyone:
    " Somaliland is said to have made secret agreement with Puntland to hand over Garaad Jama in return Somaliland would withdraw from number of towns. "

    What is the logic in releasing the guy and withdrawing from the town? Is it that Puntland won't attack, if so, then Somaliland is giving away the towns that are in its jurisdiction.

  10. the region of sool is somaliland boarder so their is no reason to talk about the dulbahantee if they came any blunder and bombing of attack of solider. somalilnad has right to Detained

  11. I don't think it is true. It is a joke and a wishful thinking. Somaliland will not withdraw from any towns within its jurisdiction. Yes, it is about to nip these menaces and up to no good in their bud, before they escalate their nuisance.

    Well, the one that President Riyaale did well is that he built strong police and our defend Somaliland any onset threat. Well done Somaliland Military forces and police.

    @ Sool, Isaaq lama hadlay ee Dowlad baa laga hadlayaa. Nacnacda iyo hadal-tirada meesha laga bax!

  12. Ain’t you are playing with a fire by arresting tribal chiefs of a major tribe.
    Trying to solve violence with violence is what helped disintegrate the rest of Somalia.
    What you have here is one tribe acting like a state and trying to tell the other tribe to submit to them.

    Lets stay tuned. Soon we will find out what follows.

  13. Manshallah for these developments which have some significant implications. I have two main points to make.

    The first, and main point is that it is brilliant that somaliland and puntland are finannly engaging in dialoge and co-operating. This is very important for the future stability in the region as can achieve more together to secure the safety of their citizens, their economic development and safeguarding their achievements so far. I believe that these safe regions of Somalia is where the re-establishment of Somalia should start. The second point is that hopefully Sool inhabitants will now live in peace.

  14. I am not saying that Somaliland or even Puntland should give up their sovereignty. Rather, they, by co-operating can hold-off Alshabaab and develop their economies further. First and foremost, the boundaries and borders have to be settled. Puntland has to recognise that Somaliland at the moment is (for the best, taking the situation of Somalia into consideration) independent, and that only after Somalia finds peace, stability and good governance for a significant period i.e at least 10 years some kind of comprimise can be reached. For example take the idea of a Nort/South Korea that to some extent co-operate in their economic, political and defence policies and yet retain some sovereignty. Sharing a common market, their security services (including military) co-operating and having joint interests, could be compared to the U.S just with more powwer to the individual states.

  15. Right now it's clear to us Puntland does not support nor financize these old tribalist men who are running around to create chaos in the region by targetting their own people with remote bombs.

    What do they get out off it? Somaliland just arrest 40 people for three soldiers, they also took another 12 and transfered them to Berbera central prison.

    Get off your horses and contribute to stability even Puntland does not want these guys, they know they are uncivilized and from the 17th century, they run back and forth, Puntland is getting use to them and has more important issues.

  16. These are self- centered individuals whose time as long gone. They think they will dictate to Sool community and other Somali whatever they want which means using terrorist act like they recently committed in las-cannod. If they do not denounce their terror act they should be brought to the full court of Somaliland Justice.

  17. It is obvious that Sool people clearly and loudly said “NO Garaad No” people want peace, education, Somaliland, and all kinds of developments.

    Thanks to the Somaliland national army and politicians as well, for taking the necessary actions at the right time and dismantling the so called garaad meeting arranged and planned the terrorist group residing in Nairobi (SSC)

  18. Mr Shankaroni, Are you still going to the WWW sites? that's a thing of the past, these days ppl go to the XXX websites to find the right stuff.

  19. The truth is: these tribal leaders think they can stop a government with their canes.

    Be realistic please! These tribal chiefs or Garaads enjoy the welfare system of their people. All the Graads live off not what they earned but donations they receive from their tribes.

    These Garaads also receive money for some Sool Diasporas who have not seen the regions for decades.

    Normally, traditional Somali leaders push for peace and a dialogue, however; these Garaads promote violence using by any means necessary as one of them told the BBC.

    Some of you wrote because Somaliland put these Garaads under house arrest, now the downfall of Somaliland beings. Please give me a break! If boasting and bluffing about what people could do or achieve—just look at the Majeerteen tribes of Puntland.


  20. Contd…

    Also, their hypocrisy is abundant; when Abudullahi Yussuf (INA YEY) was massacring innocent Southern Somalis with the help of Ethiopia’s brutal army, guess what these Garaads were doing—they were collaborating with Ethiopia-Majeertenia coalition against the Somali people.

    And today, these Garaads are holding a meeting after a meeting to "liberate" Laasaanood. Where were they when Mogadishu was under the occupation of Ethiopia? Performing a lap dance for Melez Zenawi! How come none of them held a meeting to liberate Mogadishu?

    I can’t stand tribal-oriented hypocrites who time and time against scream about Somali unity when they in fact sold Somalia to Ethiopia. Also, Puntland has been oppressing the Ogadens and Southren Somali refugees; again, I don’t see the Sool Garaads protesting against the brutal campaign against none Majeeteerns.

  21. This article is not up-to-date. It was based on a rumor story coming out of the HolHol incident. According to Sool politicians who visited the town of HolHol when the incident took place, “there was never been an arrest or disrespect to the Garaads. But the action that the army took was aimed to stop the unauthorized meeting which they did successfully without problem.

    To those of you who are making this a big deal you need to come down. This incident took place in the great State of Sool and was handled professionally by the Sool-born delegation sent by President Riyale to that town.

    At the end, the SL Army was ordered out of the town after the incident was resolved.

    Also, to those of you WHO are bashing against the Garaadka Garaadada, Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali, you need to remember that he’s the most powerful of all Garaads in Eastern Somaliland therefore, and he’s not and never been a target/wanted by Somaliland. He now lives peacefully in his hometown of Sah-Dheer near Las Anod City. Although, he does not support the gov’t of SL, which is his constitutional right.

  22. Powerful or not, nobody is above the law. The so-called Garaads (whatever that means) have to respect the law of the land and stay out of trouble.

    Somali Unity is dead and will never resurrect. Mar bay idiin ekayd inaad dalka isku haysaan. Ilayn, talo isumakaa sheegto meel ay tuur ka leedahay. So, don't cry overspilt milk. Let us move on.

  23. The garaad's dont have power and not one single militia men, when Somaliland army when there, not a single security was with them, they have no one.

    The problem is the dhulbahante diaspora community in the US and Europe who are supporting and funding these terrorism acts, so Somaliland needs to either totally eliminate all their elements in the country by setting up more intelligence agencies who would even hunt them down in places like Nairobi.

    We also need to arm all the people from Sool who support Somaliland to the teeth, Sool is now demilitarized zone, this is neccesary if we are to keep the terrorised out.

    We need to move the capital from Sool to Caynaba, this is also a wise move and a lot of the Sool residents would be happy to support it.

    Now that Ina Waran Cadde visited China and the Chinese are coming, we need to get arms supplies and also construct few good headquarters in Caynaba, these symbolic structures would attract many Sool residents to move from Las Anod, eventually Caynaba will grow and attract more people than Las Anod.

    We dont only need force but political solution and we have always had political solution throughout history.

  24. Kayse,

    You're dreaming man! How dare you say Caynabo can become the capital of Sool? That's like suggesting if Buhoodle should be the capital of Togdheer!
    Do you know that all the important government offices that use to be in Caynabo are now moved to LA! Such as the Bank the entire customs for eastern SL and ministers. Caynabo residents must be mad now.

    No offence, but Caynabo is even smaller than one Las Anod neighborhood! In other words its T-U-U-L-O so, don’t be jealous.

    And yeah, there’s no need to arm Sool residents, they’re already armed to the teeth. Which makes them the only fully armed tribe in Somaliland. And just a reminder: DO NOT say bad things about the SOOL elders, cus you're not from there and have no idea how things work in this state.

    • I don't care how small Caynaba is, Washington isnt as big nor as corporate as New York City or Los Angeles nor Chicago. What matter is, it can be easily maintained, it's not too close to the Somali border, thats what Sool needs if it is to be managed better.

      I know someone in government in the future decision making will agree with my view.

      We need to move the administration to Caynaba and keep Las Anod as it is or at least have two sides to Sool, North-Sool (Caynaba) and South-Sool (Las Anod), then lets see after 20 years which side is more developed, I am certain Caynaba would surpass Las Anod if Somaliland put it's time and energy as well as resources into Caynaba.

      Ps, I'm not from Sool. That's just my view, this is good policy making.

  25. If it’s blood what they are looking for, then we will give it to them. Somaliland was and will be independent country, and till that day comes those who are barking over the wrong tree can fk their self’s.
    VIVA Somaliland

  26. If it’s blood what they are looking for, then we will give it to them. Somaliland was and will be independent country, and till that day comes those who are barking over the wrong tree can fk their self’s.
    VIVA Somaliland