“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland, Dr Mohamed Omar, has met with the UK Minister of Africa, Mr Mark Simmonds MP, at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London on 3 January.

Dr Omar took the opportunity to brief the Minister about Somaliland’s recent local elections, which showed the Somaliland people’s commitment to peace and democracy.  He thanked the Minister for the generous assistance which the UK is providing to Somaliland, including the contribution to the Somaliland Trust Fund, help with the security sector, and support for the elections.

Expressing gratitude for the UK’s help in facilitating the Somaliland/Somalia Dialogue, Dr Omar stated that Somaliland was ready to resume the talks now that President Hasan Sheikh had established his Government in Mogadishu. Dr Omar also emphasized Somaliland’s commitment to fighting piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

Minister Simmonds confirmed Britains’ commitment to support Somaliland development and democratic achievements and expressed that The UK will be happy to facilitate the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia when the two sides are ready to resume talks.

The two ministers also discussed how to promote trade and investment ties between the UK and Somaliland.

Finally, Minister Omar invited Mr Simmonds to visit Hargeisa to see Somaliland for himself. “


  1. Mr "may I have my picture taken with you". The most useless FM Somaliland has ever seen. The sooner he is booted out the better for the sake of the country.

    • personally i like Dr omar ! he has done more for somalia than any other somaliland Official this last decade !

        • Abdiwahab… You should know, first the IC found out that Awdal and Khaatumo are against the secession and now other report show that only 40% of Is@@q's are pro secessionists. No wonder why the separatisms are screaming and crying more than ever. It's game over separatisms!! 😀

  2. Somaliland Foreign Minister has completely failed to make any break through to the Somaliland foreign policy stagnation. Now the Somalia Foreign Minister Dr.Fosiya Haji Adan is also there in London, and they are both paving the way, for the meeting of Somalia/Somaliland Presidents, that will take place in London sometime in the coming near future. The dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia has utterly changed, by foreign pressure, which is the likelihood of another unity, according to the secret deals that has previously made by Silanyo and his boy, the foreign minister Mr Abdullahi. The actual evidience to support my article, is that, look how our country has tribally divided now, and tension being created, while we were just enjoying peace and stability many years. But what evidence are they showing to the world, that Somaliland can not a be proper functioning government any more, so you better go and join your brothers again.

    • You are a bloody Faqash from Somalia pretending to hail from Somaliland. A pathetic cheap shot, next time try better!

      The western world knows better: Pressuring Somaliland would definitely lead to a conflagration in the entire Horn region.

      • Faqash Baqash Saqash Kaqash Raqash Oaqash Paqash Vagash Your Completely Out Of it. Your Brain Dead and all you do it verbal diarrhea. Idiot I am not even going to go into the nonsense that you said. You stupid idiotic Reindeer. May Allah Help You..!!!!!

          • SO you actually think you can correct me uh?
            LOL have you ever looked deeply in to your own comments?
            Just because i am generous with you and i always giving you the benefits of the doubt doesn't mean you are even CLOSE to any degree of correcting any human being hahahahaha 🙂

          • Hmm! You just proved me right. you need – look at your last "sentence", it just sums up my point.

          • Hmm! You just proved me right – look at your last "sentence", it just sums up my point.

          • No, you give yourself a break.i am not trying to injure you, actually my intentions where to help you out so you can give a lot more thought into what you are putting out there because all of your comments look like they were no wisdom behind them and they were out of place. Take a look at what you just put out here. Who do you think you are conversing with a child please spare me this faqash over use word and apply the advice you giving me to you self and seek help immediately!!!!!


  3. Before i make my judgement on the foreign policy of this present government, i would like to see the outcome of the talks with Somalia. I am however skeptical that there will be any break through that will lead to our ultimate aim of recognition simply on the basis that the people we are talking to do not want to respect the wishes of our people.

    I understand that the international community wishes to see Somaliland and Somalia talk to come to some sort of an agreement on their respective futures, however i believe this will come to no avail because the people they wish for us to sit down and talk are wholly unreasonable and live in a fantasy of greater Somalia era which has come an end. But like i have said before, there is no harm in trying if only to prove how unreasonable these people are.

  4. this bold chap needs to take the hike now and lets have an actual diplomat with a clear cut strategy. miss fozia is showing this dude big time
    ps fozia is not against us she is one of us and he is our agent in the south to bring the failed union closer to its official end FACT

    • Abdiwahab
      Your Back….. Want me to repeat what I said last time I don't think read the comment Are you going to stop the nonsense. Fowisa Is going to help you is that what you came up with oh my god I forget how unintelligent you are. You loose cannon (The meaning of a Loose Cannon is An unpredictable person or thing, liable to cause damage if not kept in check by others). If I were you I would stop speaking on behalf of Somali land Your ruining the 3% chance they have. I showed my nieces this comment and they burst of laughter they wanted to if this was a joke when I should the other comment they understood the fact of reality You're an Idiot. Want to know how old they are 7, 9, 12.. That should tell you something

  5. You guys are talking about something you don't know. Support your leaders if you want results, otherwise you are the ultimate losers. This man is bright young man who is miles ahead of the community worker women. Stop pulling him back and give him the confidence to serve you…

  6. Year after year this lunatic who serves the interest of Ethiopia and delusional wants to revive a dead British white trash colonial village has be lying to the Somaliland public for the last 25 years, he goes around traveling to the world just for sightseeing and nothing else.

    Foreign Minister Fauzia Yusuf Haji Adan is in the Uk meeting British Foreign Secretary AKA William Hague while Dr Mohamed Omar met Mr Mark Simmonds.

    Who is Mr Mark Simmond? I've never heard of him.

    • Pirate boy u seem to accept well french colonial village from Djibouti kkk. So don t worry u gonna be used with british one soon lol and don t be jealous as u can still show ur italia village too lol.

    • Darood boy

      if you hate white people then leave the UK, you seem to want the dedicates of white people yet hate them. They are building water wells in your city of garowe and you are insulting them. White trash this White trash that, in a WHITE country.

      Prove that darood people are the biggest hipocrites in the world

  7. @Reer-Dunbuluq

    well spoken like a true man get rid of him of (Dr Mohamed Omar) he's nothing but embarrassment.

    Listen I am willing to replace him (Dr Mohamed Omar) I am well qualified and can speak english in fluently but I cant promise you recognition thought because that dream is long overdue that's for sure but what I can promise you is that I can represent your clan who are holed up in Hargeisa and fight for their rights every step of the way!

  8. no one messes with the soldiers of somaliland who are ready to give their blood to save its independence from the m**ryaaan/faqash crazy crew

  9. Mujaahid Mr. Siilaanyo and his junior foreign minister and Kulmiye in general disgraced the true value of Somalilanders
    Look: The unknown Somali President Mr. Ahmed Sheikh who can not travel freely in mogadisho with out his Ugandian body guards is claiming to sell Berbera again to some one. Siad Bare sold Berbera soil 1976 to the Soviet Union and again in 1980 to United States of America.(Ronald Reagon).

    President Siilaanyo and his unexperienced foregin minister accepted the Villa Somali Constitution and welcomed to continue talks with Mr. Ahmed Sheikh.

    Somalilanders please wake up! Faisal Ali Waraabe is a man of principles. He stands for Somaliland and the wish of its citizens. He is the only one who condommed the useless talks with Villa Somalia blind pundits who after the lost of 75000 innocent Somalilamd citizens and 21 years of an independent Somaliland Republic with democratic Constitution stll struggling to sell Berbera again.

    Somalilanders must not welcome the Villa Somalia Constitution which claims to be responsible for the 18 Siad Barre fabricated states including Somaliland.
    What a funny unacceptable unreasonable nonsense talks with Faqash Bantu……

    • Lol, clearly you are not well in the head. Pleas do seek help as soon as possible. When you say ''Somalilanders pleas wake up'', at least have the bolls to say ''Is@@q people pleas wake up''.

      The whole world saw finally what was known all along. By the way, if you had any useful brain, you would have known that both the south and north were called Somaliland. And that the world itself means ''THE LAND OF THE SOMALI PEOPLE. And it is for that reason why both the south and north were called Somaliland. Now if you insist on the secession, then at least respect the choices of Awdal state & Khaatumo state. I'm telling you, your pathetic lies are nearing their end. Whether you like it or not, YOU WILL NEVER GET ''IS@@QLAND'' WHILE YOU (iS@@Q'S) ARE OPPRESSING THE PEOPLE OF THOSE TWO STATES.

      • Truth BS ur comment are so funny and only show how u are hopeless becoz u can only cry on this web site but cannot anything more on the ground. The day walanweyn and faqash Will rule again Somaliland is the day where none somalilander is still living there. And please don t speak for Awdal they are peaceful people and hate also faqash and walanweyn. Why u don t put ur full energy to make free other side of Buhoodle village ruled by habashi then go back in SL.? Lol.

        • Do not speak for awdal state the word hate it's not in their dictionary they practice love and compassion so we all know very well who is famous for those garage words OK.

        • When you say free buhoodle of habashi, clearly you not aware of the situation of berbera then. lol. Mate is been widely reported, even by other African news channels, that the berbera port is Ethiopia's port.

          • Truth at least habashi pays for service port in Berbera and SL flag fly high in this city same than Djibouti port. not like Buhoodle kkkk

          • Clearly you are misinformed. What dignity have you when your port is not even being referred as your port, but instead it is publicly referred as the port of Ethiopia. And in return you had that to say? No wonder why you (Is@@q's) were hated in the north. I'm not surprised because you guy's were always the ones that use to side the colonials when the likes of Sayid, Ahmed Gurey and many others who use to resist the colonial empires.

  10. The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs mus t resign. He is a failure and failed the country. Please go.

  11. The HMG UK Govts and Commonwealth Countries have special responsibilites to help
    their post Colonial British Protectorate (culture/traditional British habits) de jure Somaliland
    which gained its own independence from great Britain on 26 June 1960. Joining the failed
    Union with the Italian Somalis later is a different ball game issues which should not
    effect the special patronage relationships between Somaliland and the British UK.
    Therefore, the encounter of DR Omar and the UK Minister for Africa,MR Simmonds, MP
    is positive get together to discuss mutual matters of interests to both countries.

  12. so mr dunbuluq whats your point? even if she meet obama that change nothing in zoomalia

  13. sahra or kayse (kinsi candho)

    I suggest you continue your evening English classes, i have never witnessed someone make so many mistakes in a semi-paragraph.

    • Lol, typical (jaahil) separatist. Always making things personal instead of coming with a credible argument. Kaboon, you should know that you and the likes of you are becoming pathetic as each hour goes by.

      • @Truth

        Say something credible for once in your life my friend. I have been reading your retarded comments for the past few minutes and all a can see is isaaq this, isaaq that , you are making the typical darood look bad.

  14. Cumar Beenaale goormuu Ingiriiska tagay, waar tolow ma la hubaa inuu sawirku sax yahay mise waa sheekhadiisii rakhiista ahayd.

  15. We demand reunion of Somalia and my clan isaaq. Only 40% of isaaq support secession, the majority back reunion. LONG Live Somalia.

    Fellow Isaaq man

    • I as a darood don't want isaqs in our cities because they are richer , smarter and better looking then us daroods. I hate isaqs.

      • @daroodguy……LOOOL… You must be a retard to think that anyone will fall for your cheap attempt of creating tensions,and hate. Even a child would have known that you are not darood. Let me tell you this, the days that you could create tension and hate among's people is over. People are smarter, and they've learned from the past. I suggest you go and seek help as soon as possible.

        • So what makes you think that Isaaqperson is actually Isaq (as he claims to be), but Daroodguy is not Darood? This says it all about your pathetic stupidity.

          • Reer-dhunbuluq, clearly you must be a retard not know it. Any human that uses his/her brain would have known immediately that daroodguy is a prank. But sadly you couldn't, and I suspect it's because your IQ is too low.

  16. The IC knows that the people of Awdal and Khaatumo states are against the secession, and now other report show that only 40% of Is@@q's are pro secessionists. No wonder why the separatisms are screaming and crying more than ever. It's game over separatisms!! 😀

  17. @puntlandgzr

    like i told u before i will give you my cell # then i will meet anywhere you want. man to man i will what a real
    snm is made of…or just continue hiding behind your screen trolling….

  18. @hassan habr awal

    I am a Hardcore somali nationalist who loves his country and its people and doesn't follow the policy of the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) which wants to split up the Somali population along colonial gaal white trash border.

    • As long as your name is Puntlandgeezer, do not call your self a die-hard nationalist. Every Somali knows what puntland stands for, it stand for Majertenia. So please stop your nonsense, no one will buy your garbage of Somali nationalism.

  19. loooooooooool where is flag of qaldaanland. You will never be recognized inshallah. Dream on, my khataddicted qaldaanpeople.

  20. I wonder what Somaliland and Somalia are going to talk? as there is no war between them . while Somaliland's people enjoyed more than two decades of peace, on the other hand Somalia's civilans have been suffering a lot and still are in a way. To me it is delusional notion when house is in on fire instead saving the house if we just concentrating something else which we can not do anything about it.