In the production of resources, the public must maintain the security of the country

The oil exploration company Genel Energy is expected to drill the first oil well in the country next year.

Expert officials from the Genel Energy who held a meeting with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on Thursday shared the operational plans prepared by the company related to oil production.

The action plans presented by the company prior to the drilling of the first oil well in the history of the country were part of the welfare, health and protection of the environment, in terms of legal guidelines regarding services, sales and contracts.

The meeting between the two sides also discussed plans related to security issues, awareness and infrastructure to facilitate well drilling.

The negotiations between the Ministry of Energy and the officals of  Genel Energy company, which lasted for two days, are part of a series of meetings and presentations that both parties have been preparing for the best technical and legal procedures for the drilling of the first oil well implemented in the Republic of Somaliland for 32 years after it regained its independence from Somalia.

On the other hand, the community and government of Somaliland who were very interested in seeing the production of the country’s resources are required to turn their attention to protecting the security of their country, since the beginning of the oil activities have many enemies both internally and externally who tries to sabotage.