The Somaliland government, Thursday, announced that the flight suspension imposed on the Emirates’ owned FlyDubai airline was lifted.

Mr. Omar-Sayid Qalombi, Director of Somaliland Aviation and Airports, speaking to the press at his office, revealed that the ban on the carrier was lifted following a bilateral agreement the Somaliland Aviation reached with its Dubai counterpart.

“Based on a decision the ministerial council reached on 17 October 2020 which stipulated that state-owned flight carriers were required to acquire a license from Aviation based on a business/entry agreement between the origin and destination states,” Omar Sayid said.

He said such an agreement had been finalized and that FlyDubai could begin its flights as soon as it is ready to do so.

“Privately-owned airlines and charter companies can apply for licenses on strength of own merit, rampant conditions, and market demand and do not require agreements between states,” he added.

Air Arabia, also of the Emirates, is expected to benefit from the new development.

“Once the airlines’ conform to requisite provisos, there is little else needed,” the Director said.

In the absence of a comptetive market, Ethiopian airlines found a free field where it could hike fares at will. Cost spiralled from level to level while the UAE airliners had been on suspension.

The Somaliland markets needs to invite more international airliners to lower costs and facilitate travel.