Hargeisa, 30 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland government expelled the representative of Interpeace from country. A group of Somaliland police arrived at Maansoor hotel where the representative was staying and guided him to the airport where he is flown out of the country.

Armed forces have been seen inside and around Maansoor hotel this morning during the operation. Witness says the representative was prevented to have any contact with the media as well as members of the electoral commission.

This comes after the government said opposed the list of the voters proposed by the organization.

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  1. This is another stupid step by Riyale administration, which disturbs the election process. I believe Riyale is trying to eliminate democracy in the country and establish himself as Geele and Sanawi of Djibouti and Ethiopia.

    However, Riyale shall remember that people of Somaliland are much different than people of these two countries:: Somalilanders fight and liberate their country.

  2. Thanks Layla for the comment
    Although your comment and reaction are both too early, plz don’t be angry but be analytic.
    Dispatching a single man from our country does not necessarily mean the total collapse of the world and the so called donors should not be pissed off with Somaliland’s action against Enter Peace, I would rather call them ‘Enter Conflict’, however, if the donors leave Somaliland and cut their donations just for this case, it will definitely mean that they were just looking for an excuse to pull out and nothing else.
    Don’t blame the government at all, any one of us would simply do the same to this organization – as their role in the election is to create conflict over the vote results and nothing more.


  3. If the project manager not submits the project on time, he/she gets fire. Enter Conflict’ was fired. They should have done work earlier.

  4. thanks for your comments on this issues about expulsion of interpeace from somaliland as Personal Nongrata, sisters and brothers let me tell something this unknown agency does govern the our country, we are responsible our affairs, so we must not cry for our enemy to build house. think logically, how you wait have your house painted while sit cross legs sitting, it is shame of yor u.
    i believe we are weak, and as we are enough to control our businness

  5. Riyale must go or somaliland becomes somalia by september we cant go on like .We ISSAQ cant allow a gudabursi to divide us and habaryonis LONG LIVE SOMALILAND

  6. Thanks President Riyaalle for showing us your true color. Now we are confident to have it in our heart, that you care the future of Somaliland to be independent and very strong country, despite your short coming in other fronts, and history will not deprive you to tell your historic brave move that you made today.

    Without a doubt, it was obvious that Inter-peace has ulterior motives and did not come clean or underestimated Somaliland's fierce reprisal by conducting mediocre work that could trigger unsustainable unrest.
    Long live Mr. President. What a bright day for Somaliland.

    Thanks to Allah.

    Somaliland Independent Think-Tank

  7. Somaliland is a nation, it's not owned by any clan, so for those for of you who uses clans to denounce the President of Somaliland, whether he is dead wrong in some issues or not, my advice to you is, you are really so concern about the directions that our country is going,using trible cards will not take us anywhere, and please do not bring into political discussions your clan garbages.

    I agree with previous commentaries, that Somaliland in itself is strugggling to be recognized but some like this representive from interpeace is undermining Somaliland existances he is not bothered to recognize the law and order that exist and he should be kicked out and let the Somaliland political leaders and parties sit down and solve their political problems on their own as they have done so in many previous occassions.

    Long live Somaliland and it's people!

  8. I'm not surprised, I knew it was coming the way warlord Rayale was running things, firstly he made sure Somaliland has no voice in Somali affairs in the US, he started war with our brothers in Puntland, then in Awdal, he sold all the public properties such as schools, closed all the media and put reporters behind bars, the final step to his warlord dream is to expel Inter-Peace.

    Surprisingly, some Somalilanders will be still sleeping trying to convince us there is such thing as democracy there. Not any more, time to remove warlord Rayale from power and send him to prison in Dilla.

  9. They keep kicking out all ngos and human rights organization. This is the first steps regime do so they can begin their days of military regime.

    Somaliland is going to be dictatorship. Even if rayale is removed, and silanyo is elected. Then habar on habar violence will be back. Clanism will always be apart of somalis whether we want to acknowledge it or not is just totally irrelevant.

    God help us we probably need shabab, godane who is rulling kismayo is habar awal. At least the religious guys can come over the qabil politics.

  10. For the first time Good Job President Riyaale and his Government.
    I cannot believe Somaliland people are falling for this Riwayad. This so called ‘donors’ and their brokers misused and stole the funds allocated for Somaliland elections, created a huge tension among the Somaliland people, and trying to get away with it! If as they claiming the ‘Voters List’ is appropriate and valid why it never came out on agreed time earlier this year? Why they have been saying for a very long time the server was down and now suddenly the server is functional?! Why did they wait up to show the results till this moment (the time Somaliland is confused and fragile, right after the Ceelberbadle problems)? To me, enemy of Somaliland is behind these people, they trying to destroying our country, democracy and nation. I will ask the Somaliland people to unite this difficult time if they want to survive this turbulence. And I finally congratulate the government for expelling the traitors of Somaliland “Inter Peace organization” out of our beloved land.

  11. Whatever other hidden agenda or motives the president of Somaliland has in expelling Interpeace representative have to be disregarded in an objective analysis of Interpeace's performance in voter registration process in Somaliland. I am one of few, if not the only person, who has been closely watching Interpeace's project and have actually investigated the matter in depth by contacting the organisation, asking questions and comparing its technology to other biometric systems with similar functionalities. My conclusions are that the whole project is a scam in a very large scale. I have, a long time before this crisis, written about this fraudt o Interpeace's governing directors, that include Martti Ahtisaari (Former President of Finland) and HH Princess Hind Bint Hamad Al-Thani (Director of the Office of the Emir of Qatar).Unfortunately, this is how International and NGO organisations handle the resources handed to them by the World Community on Somali peoples' behalf. These organisations stink more than Andersen, Enron, Maddox, WFP and all the institutions that were handling subprime loans combined. Therefore, politicisation of this issue by Somaliland Government and the opposition does not serve the interest of the country its people. We have to seek an appropriate solution and march forward. Moreover,we have to collectively eradicate the corruption that is conducive to such actions by the foreign organisations. Please write to Interpeace and let your opinion that is all that this situation warrants. after all, we are all victims of this action.