The Ministry of Public Works, Land and Housing officially launched the guidelines on the procedures for maintaining the quality of buildings and registering construction companies and engineers.

Minister Mustafe Mohamud Ali Bille stated that engineers who do not have a license from the Ministry will not work in the country at all from now henceforth.

The Minister of Communications and Technology, Abdiweli Sheikh Sufi Jibril, said that his ministry will help the public works in the online system to register companies and engineers.

The Director General of the Ministries of Land and Housing Mr. Mohamud Sultan Adan, said that they will re-evaluate all the construction companies operating in the country.

Minister Bile said, β€œFrom today, there will be no constructed building in the country un-procedurally, an engineer who does not have a license from the ministry will not work in the country at all”.

He declared, β€œThese procedures hereby announced today will have to be implemented and adhered to starting from this hour, it is a legally binding procedure that has to be followed”.

They noted that the aim of streaming the sector was to forestall shoddy works that would be detrimental to the lives and materials of the people.

At the same time the guidelines effectively puts in place the plights of the people who are disabled such that they too, may not be inconvenienced.