Somaliland authorities have intensified the search for a prominent Islamic Scholar identified as Sheikh Adan Abdirahman Warsame popularly known as Adan Sunne who has been missing for several nights.

Authorities in Somaliland believe that the Sheikh left along with his extended family members to Southern Somalia.

Abdullahi Hussein Mohamed, Somaliland deputy minister of internal security told the media that the Sheikh left Somaliland voluntarily contrary to reports that he was evicted.

“Adan Shunne voluntarily decided to leave the region to Northern Somalia and no one in the government has intimidated, deported or incarcerated him and the ministry of interior is aware of where he moved to.” said Abdullahi.

The deputy minister also added that the regional government is fully investigating the matter and has launched a manhunt for parties or people who were involved in one way or another in the facilitation of the escape of the fugitive Sheikh.

“There is an ongoing investigation which we are going to disclose to the public once it is complete and we understand that the Sheikh left the self-declared region to his accomplices whom he had previously been suspected of in the recent days.” said the deputy minister.

Sheikh Aden Abdirahman Warsame (Aden Sunne) had been set free by the Supreme Court in 2019 after he was acquitted by the court in the capital Hargeisa.

He has been accused of causing destability and illegal mobilization of youth in Somaliland and providing training to them in the outskirts of Hargeisa.