Vice President HE Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Sailici called on donors and international organizations to take part in providing life-saving aid to the people displaced by the war in Lasanod.
An appeal VP Sayli’i sent to The international community and donors, United Nations agencies, international organizations, and humanitarian partners, have been urged to respond to the humanitarian situation in the city of Lasanod, and written like this;

To: International and Donor Community, UN, INGOs, LNGOs and humanitarian partners

Re: Humanitarian appeal for Las’anood crisis

The Sool region has been affected by the ongoing severe drought, and the conflict has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of the most affected groups, including women, children, and the elderly. The humanitarian situation is concerning, and the displaced people have moved to nearby towns, villages, and regions. The displaced people do not have access to basic food, clean water, shelter, etc., and the situation is worsening. The recent assessment of the National Displacement Refugee Agency (NDRA) reports that 24,566 households were affected by displacement and moved to 66 locations in Sool and Sanaag regions and the Buhoodle district. The assessment illustrates that displacement-affected communities need urgent lifesaving supplies, including food, medicine, water, etc.

While the Government of Somaliland continues to call for de-escalating violence and engaging in peaceful dialogue to resolve the tensions, it commits to protecting civilians and providing unimpeded humanitarian access to all affected people in Las’anood and surrounding areas.

The Government of Somaliland underlines that the conflict is mainly confined to the Las’anood district. All other districts in the Sool region remain peaceful and under the complete control of the Somaliland administration. This means Somaliland can provide and deliver the humanitarian response to reach the most affected people through locally owned existing structures.

Currently, the Government of Somaliland, the private sector, the public, local NGOs, and International NGOs deliver much-needed lifesaving supplies to the affected people while UN engagements in the humanitarian efforts are underway.

The Government of Somaliland emphasizes its commitment to facilitating unhindered access to humanitarian assistance to the affected communities and working with all humanitarian partners to deliver a humanitarian response.

While the Government of Somaliland is delivering needed lifesaving assistance, we call on the international and donor community and humanitarian partners to join us in this urgent response to this crisis to protect and safeguard the lives of vulnerable people in the Las’anood district. We can ensure they receive the necessary assistance to survive this crisis.