By Goth Mohamed Goth 

Somaliland Minister of Environment and Rural Development Hon Shukri Haji Abdullah Bandare  while taking part in an event marking the World Water Day a day before unveiled for the first time plans by the Somaliland Government to introduce massive nationwide water preservation project which will pave way for the construction of man-made water catchment areas, Dams and to be jointly implemented by the Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Environment.

Speaking during the well-attended event marking the World Water Day which was held at the Civil Services Hall Madam Shukri Bandare said, “We need to introduce effective methods of water harvesting in a bid to conserve the vast amount of water lost during the rainy season to counter the water shortage in Somaliland, the Ministries of Environment and Water Resource working together with help from their various partners wish to promote “Rain Water Harvesting” for World Water Day. This theme will raise awareness and promote actions at the local level.


                                                                                         Above a typical family owned pond used for water catchment

“The new plan also aims to target both urban and rural communities. In addition, the link between rainwater and “Water & Energy” will be made by promoting rainwater harvesting as a low-cost, readily available and energy-saving method of water collection, which does not require any external energy inputs, unlike most other forms of water supply which require motorized pumping, road transport, human resources, etc.  

Madam Shukri lastly said “I take this opportunity to inform all those who want commence sink wells or dig dams or those who want to deploy a rig should first come and inform and seek our permission from both Ministries before he goes ahead with his or her intensions the reason being unchecked actions may contribute to the environmental degradation and which may have lasting negative ecological impact.

Faced with climate change, many of our catchments are already under stress from high demands for water and from diffuse and some point source pollution. The risk and severity of negative ecological  flooding and soil erosion heighten. We need to put in place improved ways to protect water resources at source. That’s why we need to put these measures in place which requires us to urgently change in land use and farming practices and most importantly the cooperation of farmers and other land users.