By Goth Mohamed Goth

Abaarso Tech University celebrated the graduation of its 10th batch of students on the  20th of September, 2023. This momentous occasion marked the successful completion of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs across 23 different disciplines.

Over 300 students proudly walked across the stage, symbolizing the culmination of their academic journeys at Abaarso Tech University.

The event was further enriched by the presence of influential business founders and CEOs who understand the value of Abaarso Tech University’s graduates. Their attendance underscored the strong connections between the university and the industry, creating opportunities for future collaborations and professional growth.

Mr. Abdirashid Duale, the CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies was among the invited dignitaries speaking during the occasion said, “I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the students who are graduating today for their unwavering commitment, dedication, tireless efforts, and hard work during your studies.

He added, “I would also like to personally laud Ms. Ibtahal Jamal Aw Dahir of whom, I read about her story in the University Newspaper. Ms. Ibtahal was born as a Deaf child yet due to her hard work and perseverance she is now graduating from her second University, she proves through hard work one can reach his / her goals in life.

Mr. Duale further noted, “Most of those graduating today come from different places and backgrounds and every one of you has a different story maybe some of you were brought up by single parents who strived to support and provide for education through different means. The students who are graduating today are aware that this is the first step to another level in life and you have different plans such as creating new jobs and continuing your education.

“There shall always be challenges facing you in daily life but you should overcame those hurdles with positivity and not be discouraged. In Somaliland, there are so many strides achieved in every aspect of life and development and this learning institution that teaches technology is one of them hence the need to join hands and achieve our goals together. We should also expand our work throughout all the regions of the country.

Mr. Abdirashid Duale concluded by saying, “Most graduates would like to go overseas to search for jobs but the real opportunity for creating jobs is here in our country not abroad, your newly acquired know-how is needed here.

During the ceremony, special recognition was given to honor students who excelled academically and showcased exceptional leadership qualities throughout their time at the university. Their achievements served as a testament to their hard work and the quality education provided by Abaarso Tech University.

The graduation ceremony also attracted the presence of esteemed government officials, highlighting the significance of the university’s contributions to the education sector. Their attendance demonstrated the recognition and support from the government for Abaarso Tech University’s mission of fostering innovation and nurturing talent.