By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa- The Somaliland House of Elders, in a session chaired by the Speaker of the House, Mr. Suleiman Mahmud Adan, and attended by 71 members of the 82-members present, overwhelmingly voted to extended a two-year extension to the Somaliland House of Representatives who tenure is due to expire in late 2019.

The House of Elders β€œGuurti” 31 members select committee charged with the extension of the tenure of the parliament read to the members of the House of Elders their recommendations.

Hon Said Jama Ali, the Deputy Chairman of the Somaliland House of elders and member of the select committee, explained that the committee met with the ruling party KULMIYE representatives while representatives of the two official opposition parties declined to attend the meeting.

The speaker of the House of Elders then presided over the 2-year extension proposed by the house select committee in which 70 members voted in favor, the speaker didn’t vote, none abstain, hence approving the 2-year extension tenure for the House of Representatives.