The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. Dr. Isse Keyd Mohamud together with the Deputy Minister Hon. Rooda Jama Elmi and the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Ahmed Abokor Mohamed held a press conference in his office on Saturday to thank the Somaliland diaspora around the world for their support and cooperation that they showed towards their nation.

Hon. Isse said that Somalia does not have the capacity to discuss Somaliland’s agreements with the world at all.

He said, “Hasan Sheikh cannot talk about Somaliland and the international agreements it has entered into at all. Somaliland is a free country. There is no one who can stand against what is in the interest of her country and her people”.

The FM said that Somalia has gone to great lengths to oppose the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia, but it has nothing to do with it and no one will stop the implementation of the agreement”.

“The government of Villa Somalia, which has been running up and down everywhere in recent days, claiming that it Somaliland is part of them, given that they know the facts vividly hence do not even have complete control of their own backyard”.

Minister Isse praised the Somaliland communities that have shown support for the cooperation agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland, and said, “I congratulate all Somaliland communities in the world. I am telling them that we have entered an unprecedented time and it is necessary for you to participate in the efforts to recognize Somaliland.”

He called on them to organize demonstrations in support of the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

“You must defend the nation of Somaliland, and at the same time appear on the social media advancing the cause and defend it to the hilt as patriots”.