By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa -Mr. Farhan Aden Haybe, chairman of Somaliland civil service commission today in his office received a delegation from the World Bank group based in Nairobi and Washington DC.

The head of the civil service commission and the visiting World Bank delegation during the meeting discussed the goal of the Somaliland’s civil servants project is meant to enhance the quality of life of the people on a sustainable basis by creating a competent, professional Civil Service workforce that will be responsive, effective, and efficient in achieving the objectives of the National Development Plan.’

Briefing the delegation on the project Mr. Haybe said, “The objective is to develop a professional and adequately compensated Civil Service that effectively and efficiently delivers high quality services to the people aimed at improving and sustaining their quality of life,’ On the other hand we discussed matters relating to pension policy and ways for creating much need jobs for the youth so as to surpass the current quotas, implement work and workers management. We also discussed introducing health and housing benefits for civil servants of which we hope the World Bank will assist the government of Somaliland in realizing this and which will boost the morale and well-being of the civil servants.

The Head of Somaliland civil service commission and the visiting World Bank delegation agreed on the completion of the current phase of the projects within the time frame set though an extension may be possible so as to implement vital work which is not currently included in the project. Lastly the chairman of the civil service commission and members of the visiting delegation jointly cut the tape to new offices meant for records storage and civil service cards issuance department which is equipped with state of the art equipment.