The Minister of Health Development Dr. Omar Ali Abdillahi said that they have supplied oxygen to Ethiopia, as a matter of emergency and that they will continue to cooperate with neighboring countries, in a meeting with the ministry’s Cody 19 disease prevention committee.

Dr. Omar said that the priority for the Ministry is to protect the public from the COVID 19 pandemic, and that in recent months the number of diagnosed with covid-19 and resultant deaths has increased.

He said that those tested are 5,779 people in April, and 920 became positive, while 95 has died, a decrease compared to last month where deaths were 107. Health Minister added that they increased public awareness activities through Tv’s, Radios, and every channel they could relay such protection may be stepped. The Minister of Health, Dr. Omar Ali Abdillahi, said that there is a sharing of equipment and information between neighboring countries, such as Djibouti, which recently provided Somaliland with Covid-19 prevention equipment’s, and it is imperative that in the event of an emergency the needy are supported.

“We will collaborate in every possible way with neighboring countries”, he underpinned.

The Health Minister asserted that there is no oxygen problem in the country, and near future they expected WHO to donate large Oxygen machines, which will help in coping with extra demand of oxygen needs. Ministry of Health purchased about a thousand oxygen tanks last week, funded by the Somaliland government.

The Minister of Health said that the second batch of Covid-19 vaccine will soon arrive in the country to be inoculated the entire public of Somaliland.