By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well-attended handover ceremony was today (Thursday) held at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources premises.

Among those dignitaries in attendance was the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Justice, the Chairman of the Electricity Commission, the Chairperson of the IDPs, the Chairman of Anti- Corruption and Good Governance Commission, and heads of government agencies.

Officials from various local and international companies, as well as members of foreign organizations working in the country, especially those working privately with the Ministry as well as Traditional leaders, were also present at the event.

Mr. Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, the Director-General in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, welcomed the newly appointed Minister, Mr. Abdullah Farah Abdi, and congratulated the outgoing Minister, Mr. Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal, briefed those attending the ceremony on the various achievement attained during his tenure and the structure of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Mr. Jama Haji Mahmoud Egal, outgoing Minister in his short speech at the event, first thanked the staff for their support, highlighted the many projects he has implemented during his tenure, and also welcomed the new Minister appointed and promised. He will work with you and support you in whatever you need.

The outgoing Minister speaking at the venue said that the ministry of energy and the government of Somaliland have increased their efforts to develop the natural resources that God endowed us with and our dream as a nation is to become a country that benefits economically from its natural resources.

He added, “I would also like to this opportunity to thank the ministry of energy employees both male and females for working hand in hand during my tenure.

Finally, the new Minister of Energy and Minerals, Mr. Abdullahi Farah Abdi, thanked the former Minister and congratulated him on his significant work in the ministry during his tenure, and promised to continue the working of the ministry.

The incoming Minister speaking during the ceremony pledged that he would enhance the ministry’s efforts in creating a sustainable extractives sector that stimulates equitable wealth and employment in the country.

After that, the former Minister was officially handed over to the newly appointed Minister.