He once again says he is ready to compromise on anything justifiable but not at the expense of flouting the Constitution and Islamic tenets

By M.A. Egge
The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, has once again said that he is ready to compromise on anything justifiable that is in the interest of the nation and its integral security that is within his powers, but cautioned that it will not be at the expense of flouting the constitution or any Islamic tenets.
He noted that the only way to overcome the political diversity in the country is for the conflicting parties to confer the issue on the table, indicating that he and his administration are always determined to accept most of the compromises.
The Head of State similarly noted that although he is not supposed to be pressured to give up or change the resolution that have been decided by the legislative councils of the country and the national constitution, it was however impossible for him to act on anything beyond his ability.
He expressed the sentiments an evening session on Tuesday night where students from universities in the city of Burao and the community of scholars of Togdeer region asked questions at a meeting held at the front yard of the Burao’s Presidential Palace; whereby the president answered a large number of questions about the various aspects of the country’s situation, such as health, education, agriculture and the development of economic infrastructure as well as how to find a solution for the current political conflicts in the country.

The students also asked the President about his government’s plan for the Republic of Somaliland of achieving international recognition, amongst many other issues.
The president generally gave ample and satisfying responses to the students and other experts who were contented with those answers.
On question related to dealing with the issues of political conflicts in the country and security issues and how to solve them by compromising, the President replied:
“As for peaceful stability, it is incumbent upon all of us and we all want it”.
He elaborated on the fact that his office is thee to execute matters that are prescribed by the legislative councils and that he always accepted compromises if they do not undermine the constitution.
“I agree to make any justifiable compromises. As the president, I am an executive. I can only implement what the two houses of parliament decide. I cannot alter what the two councils decide, I have no such powers”, he said.
He continued, “I cannot interfere with the national constitution that the people voted for, but can make justified decisions within my powers that I am entitled to in national interests”.
He explained further, “So I do agree to make any major compromise, but, when I am told to alter the decision made by the legislative councils, I do not have the powers. That is beyond my responsibilities, so, do not put a unnecessary burden on me”.
Also, a question asked by a student named A/Rahman, about caste, and that their jobs have been taken over by foreigners and caste people and what his government has done about the problem faced by those people, he said. The president replied, “It is a current issue, our society is still not listening to it. It is being preached in the mosque, no one refuses to stop it. It is slowing down now as we see it”.

Many queries regarding educational, agricultural, foreign affairs etc were put and various ministers charged with the tasks wee in hand to give the answers and put issues into perspective to the satisfaction of the audience.