Somaliland has good conditions for ICT industry. Young population is interested and keen to learn new technology. Besides, Somaliland government is highly supportive to ICT capacity building that ICT talents are encouraged and developed for both public and private sectors. Taiwan, with rich ICT development experience, will back Somaliland Innovation Zone as ICT training center as well as the ICT startups.

Somaliland Innovation Zone is expected to benefit at least 200 learners each year. The trainings will start from basic office computer skills to improve the trainees’ working efficiency. Later, advanced training such as programming, digital marketing, and cybersecurity will be channel to this Somaliland Innovation Zone. This facility is expected to develop into as an E-learning, E-health, and E-commerce platform. Through ICT education provided by the Somaliland Innovation Zone, Taiwan can help to narrow the digital gap between Somaliland and the world.